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BUDGET STUDENT Desk Setup & Bedroom Makeover!
Private Internet Access VPN (2 years+3 months for free for only $2.59/month) - BenQ 24” IPS Monitor ...
1 year ago - 1,372,182 views
Student Desk for Bedroom
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator ( and content image about : student desk for bedroom, white stud...
5 years ago - 160 views
Student Desk for Bedroom
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator ( Student Desk for Bedroom,student desks for home ,student desk...
4 years ago - 208 views
20 Super Awesome Small Bedroom Office Ideas
13. Sometimes simple is better. That's evident in this corner desk.
1 year ago - 288,099 views
The PERFECT STUDENT Desk Setup - 2020
It's already back to school season and here is the perfect student desk setup whether you are heading back to school or if you are taking your classes...
1 year ago - 159,337 views
Minimal and Affordable Desk Setup for Productive Students
In this video I cover my productivity desk setup that I use for content creation and medical school work at university / college. I built this in an a...
2 years ago - 937,344 views
In my Top 10 IKEA HOME OFFICE TIPS AND HACKS, I show you great tips for how to set up a complete “work from Home” home office with IKEA products a...
1 year ago - 531,263 views
Minimal Student Desk Setup Tour - Budget Edition
My minimalist desk setup tour on a budget. Great for students and anyone who wants a quality setup, but not at a crazy price. Learn about TELUS' Conne...
2 years ago - 306,847 views
5 Best Layouts For Small Bedrooms (13.5 sqm.) | MF Home TV
Sometimes we have the right furniture but because of the limitation of our space, we have difficulty in how to fit and arrange them in the room that i...
2 years ago - 2,526,381 views
The Latest Study Desk Ideas For Your Small Bedrooms
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator ( The Latest Study Desk Ideas For Your Small Bedrooms,computer ....
5 years ago - 5,237 views
desk tour ✨🖥 creating an aesthetic minimal study desk space for my small room
Hello! It's Marie, how are you? :) In today's video I'm going to show you how I create my desk space for studying and working! I have a tiny room, so ...
1 year ago - 463,471 views
DIY Home Office and Desk Set Up Tour — Work From Home/Student Setup
Check out the Home accessories and Carl Friedrik's complete range here: Use special code: TMF15 to get 15% off your order! TE...
1 year ago - 226,703 views
My Productivity Desk Setup - aesthetic & affordable
Time for a desk tour peeps – all my favourite productivity tools (& where to find them – links below )! I share how I make my workspace aesthetic...
1 year ago - 428,287 views
Affordable 2020 Desk Setup for STUDENTS
Working from home in 2020 and need a new home office and a desk set up? Here's the perfect, maximum productivity, minimal desk setup In this video, I'...
1 year ago - 52,757 views
My Desk Setup Tour 2020 - IKEA Desk Setup!
My clean and minimal DIY Desk Setup tour. Working from home means I need a productive workspace, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. This is my...
1 year ago - 890,564 views
Best Cheap Student desks in 2021 | Top 5 with Tips to make your Kid Glow with excitement!
Looking for a cheap Student desk for your kid to finally get them into the homework zone and to help them enjoy their time while doing so. Well, it wi...
1 month ago - 588 views
Desk Organization using the Konmari Method
I recently read Marie Kondo's new book Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life. A lot of us are working from home right now, and using our home...
1 year ago - 654,014 views
The Best Room Tour EVER.
A highly requested room tour is now live! Let me know if I should make a desk setup video next. Use my code NICOLASCHAE for 10% off on these awesome ....
1 year ago - 159,333 views
Modern Workspace Desk Setup Makeover!
LG QHD Ergo Monitor - SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE - Follow me on INSTAGRAM -
1 year ago - 1,155,413 views
Marvelous Small Desks For Bedroom Extraordinary Bedroom Gorgeous Desk Designs
I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator ( Furniture _ Marvelous Small Desks For Bedroom Extraordinary .....
5 years ago - 576 views
2020 Desk Setup Tour | Working From Home
This is my clean and minimal Standing Desk Setup tour. Working from home means I needed a productive workspace, so I completely redesigned my desk set...
9 months ago - 1,919,349 views
Work From Home Desk Setup of a 👩🏻‍💻Software Engineer & 🎨 Designer (Warm and Cozy 🍯)
Work From Home Desk Setup of a ‍ Software Engineer & Designer (Warm and Cozy ) In this video, I will be giving you a tour of my warm and cozy desk ...
11 months ago - 1,381,255 views
FINALLY!! My furnished NYC Studio Apartment Tour, I can't believe I have 8 month living here and it had taken me this long... hope you guys like it!
2 years ago - 2,724,881 views
How To Build A Fold Down Wall Desk | DIY Murphy Desk
Today I'm showing you how I built my own version of a DIY folding wall desk (or, Murphy desk)! While it functions as a desk with storage when folded d...
9 months ago - 524,578 views
Top 10 Best Desk Accessories & Gadgets You Should Have
The Desk is where we spent most of our times for working, and if you have a lot of gadgets on your desk, it's really difficult to keep your desk organ...
2 years ago - 184,382 views
DIY Construction Lumber Desk for $50 in Materials | #rocklerdeskchallenge
Today on Modern Builds I'm building a DIY desk out of 2x4's and 4x4 legs for under $50. This is my entry into the#rocklerdesckchallenge, more info bel...
11 months ago - 169,006 views
5 Ways You're Sitting Wrong at Your Desk - Computer Desk Setup Ergonomics
Here are 5 ways I've improved my computer desk ergonomics. Sitting at my desk used to be a painful experience. My wrists, back, and legs would all ach...
4 years ago - 1,863,935 views
DIY Desk under $50 | DIY Creators
In this video, I will show a way to use cheap lumber to build furniture. You can create an awesome desk like this for your space. GET PAID TO SHOP AT ...
1 year ago - 1,931,540 views
45+ Creative Small Space Desk Ideas for Small House
45+ Creative Small Space Desk Ideas for Small House.
3 years ago - 2,308 views
If you think you can't fit a workspace into your tiny apartment, think again! With small spaces, you need to think smart + maximize every inch of your...
4 years ago - 1,236,836 views

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