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What Happens to Your Body If You Use A Standing Desk Everyday for 6 Months
"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: What Happens to Your Body If You Use A Standing Desk Everyday for 6 Months ...
3 years ago - 121,850 views
Do Your Legs Hurt When Unsing a Standing Desk? Lean Body Support is Here to Help.
Lean Body Support Official Introduction Video: Support us on Kickstarter Fall 2015. Learn more at
6 years ago - 91 views
Your Sit-Stand Adjustable Desk Posture is Hurting You
The reason so many experts talk about posture and ergonomics when they talk about your desk is because after 10 or 20 years of bad posture your body w...
5 years ago - 685 views
20 tricks for sitting at your desk without hurting your back
Sitting is killing you. Although if you are like most people, you probably don't have access to an alternative workspace option like a treadmill desk....
7 years ago - 249,966 views
This Standing Desk Actually Hurt Her Back! Here's A Better Option: Flexispot Standing Desk
Bob, Alex, and Liz provide FREE and HONEST Reviews. Today they present: This Standing Desk Actually Hurt Her Back! Here's A Better Option: Flexispot ....
3 years ago - 108 views
ForzaPT: Is your workstation hurting you?
This video gives you simple tips improve your workstation at home or at work. #ForzaPT #ForzaCircle #ForzaMethod #standingworkstation #seatedworkstati...
1 year ago - 20 views
How to Sit at a Desk Without Hurting Your Back
09:15 Encinitas Pilates coach Kathleen Pagnini answers viewer questions, this week's question- How to sit at a ...
8 years ago - 54 views
Family Guy Season 19 Episode 11 | Family Guy Full HD NoCuts
Family Guy Season 19 Episode 11 | Family Guy Full HD NoCuts.
2 days ago - 35,594 views
Is It Worth the Price? Adjustable Desk Rumor
I typically don't cover products too far outside of computer parts, but I'm pretty sure if people are building their own computers like I am encouragi...
3 years ago - 61,572 views
The Root Causes of Plantar Fasciitis (Not Treatment! Only Prevention)
To learn what shoes will help, go here: For toe spreading devices, check out my recommenda...
6 years ago - 120,208 views
Back Hurt? Carrying Your Team Too Much? | FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review | (The DFFRNCE Day 83)
THIS DESK IS A MUST HAVE!! Seriously, for a "lower end" brand, these things are sturdy and do everything those big name brands do for at least half th...
5 months ago - 14 views
Will podiatrist trim toenails? Trimming Toenails during Coronavirus (2020)
Click on the Like button for this video. Share with friends. Dr Nail Nipper discusses covid conversation with her patient as she is trimming toenails....
1 year ago - 32,655 views
Pro Dancer Gets Cracked *Falls Asleep. FEET, Headache & Post Concussive Chiropractic. ASMR Chillax.
Location Mechanicsburg, PA. ~ Condenser Microphone Cracks & Crunches ~ Quiet Face Paper & Quiet Office = ASMR ~ Mindfully Placed Ads ~ Relax ...
4 days ago - 143,608 views
How To Correct Posture At A Computer
06:17 How to set up your computer workstation to reduce pain and strain from the posture of desk job syndro...
12 years ago - 94,892 views
Stop Sciatic Pain While Sitting
Stop Sciatic Pain While Sitting Youtube Channel: Website: Bob and Brad Amazo...
4 days ago - 27,867 views
Low Back Pain While Running: 3 Reasons Why and How To Fix It
My mission is simple. I want you to see your best possible life: la vida possible. Thumbs Up and Subscribe ...
7 years ago - 21,825 views
Flat feet and hip pain
Feet/Posture series with Dr. Andy Bryant. The connection of the feet and the spine is crucial and we will bring valuable information about the flat fe...
2 days ago - 7 views
Is Knee Pain Stopping You From Building That Ass
Try my hourglass shaping FITNESS APP FREE for 7 days at or search TWL in the app store. Hey guys, As a trainer, I know th...
4 years ago - 47,376 views
PH02b Dr. Michael Canales on my Achilles injury and pursuing excellence
28:12 iTunes: Dr. Michael Canales was a gymnast at Ohio State University from 1996-1999 where he w...
6 years ago - 7,052 views
Stretching Workshop | Memorial Hermann Resolution Reset
Michael Tsang, a physical therapist from Memorial Hermann Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, will lead us through mobility and stretching exercises t...
5 days ago - 85 views
gio sees mysteries (2018) NEW SHIT!
new shit 2018 shamel cee mystery gabriel rodriguez fuller oluwaseun odubiro juelz Unique*=Allah 7*))
3 years ago - 9,390 views
DESK POSTURE: How To Fix Kyphosis from Sitting
5 exercises to fix rounded backs and slumped shoulders (bad posture) FULL 45-DAY PROGRAM: ...
5 years ago - 6,747 views
WHY IS YOUR DESK HURTING YOU?! // Physiotherapist Shannan Ballin // FAMILY DOCTORS PLUS
Shannan Ballin has been a qualified Physiotherapist for over 14 years. She is the mum of 3 beautiful young kids with a very active family life. Having...
4 years ago - 345 views
Best Hip Stretches While Standing (2 Minutes) + Giveaway!
Best Hip Stretches While Standing (2 Minutes) + Giveaway! Youtube Channel: Website: ...
5 hours ago - 5,509 views
Legs on DESK minecraft challenge (painful)
Legs on desk Minecraft challenge (painful) my legs fell asleep and my legs/hands were shaking when i finished playing.
2 years ago - 197 views
texas vlog: new desk, fall trader joe's + target haul, cpa exam score reaction, rough day
Join Flexispot Spin&Win to win Standiversary gift from Sep. 20-30th, 2021. 100% winning rate! Spin&Win link for US site: Spin&W...
7 days ago - 15,978 views
Oliver's PAIN CRISIS! 😥
[Vlog 9.22.21] - Warning: there is distressing audio of Oliver crying in this video. Visit our Online Store → Yesterday...
4 days ago - 14,297 views
💎 Satisfying Cookies Storytime 😲 Two Girls At My School Pregnant By The Same Guy 🤰
Satisfying Cookies Storytime Two Girls At My School Pregnant By The Same Guy ♥ We've compiled all the best stories to brighten up your day ;) Let's ...
1 day ago - 12,201 views
Don't Fear The Repeat (Part 15/20)
Alternate Title: How To Conduct Interrogations.
6 years ago - 26,147 views

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