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Tag along as I track down my dads 66 Mustang and give it back to him 40 year after he sold it.
2 months ago - 4,452 views
We FINALLY get that 7 second slip!
4 months ago - 993 views
Tag along as we run my car and Don Walsh Jr's new car at US 131 Motorsports Park during a private track rental.
1 year ago - 1,521 views
Tag along as we get the Freedom Fox back to the track,
5 months ago - 966 views
Tag along as I trade my 870WHP 2017 Mustang for a Broken 93 Notchback. Please subscribe if you like this kind of content and ...
3 years ago - 10,467 views
Tag along as we bring this barn fox back to life. Wash, clay, paint correction and ceramic coating.
7 months ago - 4,308 views
Car update, paint correction on a 66 Mustang, & epic dyno runs from some of the quickest street cars in the state.
4 years ago - 930 views
Tag along as I visit 3 of the best shops in Michigan on my journey to build my Dart 363 to handle more power next season.
9 months ago - 1,087 views
Tag along as we finish up the car, get it running, and make some power pulls on the dyno.
2 years ago - 27,226 views
Get the details on this boosted 1993 Foxbody Mustang. This is one of the cleanest notchbacks you will ever see. PLEASE ...
4 years ago - 191,046 views
This is one of the trailers for PJ McMillan's new film (Edge Productions) That is set for release this fall keep an eye on ...
15 years ago - 25,993 views
Tag along as we run the car in the biggest True Street event of the year. TRUE STREET CARS going at it after a 30 mile drive.
2 years ago - 13,915 views
Update on the car and the start of off season improvements. Viking shocks for the win! Thanks to Beefcake Racing for the help with ...
4 years ago - 441 views
Back to the track in my 850WHP STICK SHIFT S550 Mustang. We are learning a lot, but still have a long way to go. The goal is to ...
4 years ago - 1,535 views
Tag along as we go checkout the PYOP event at Sloan Onondaga Dragway. 1800HP on an un-prepped surface is total chaos!
2 years ago - 1,307 views
"You never know when you're going to be in that time of need". We caught up with PJ Mcmillan to chat about his plans for the ...
5 years ago - 48 views
We put a brand new 2019 ZR1 on the dyno to see what it will make!
5 years ago - 3,628 views
Checkout what it takes to build one of the fastest stick shift cars on the planet. This New Edge Mustang is Coyote swapped with a ...
3 years ago - 19,261 views
Tag along as we head back to to track to try and get this 9 second pass done. More broken parts. Thank you to everyone who has ...
3 years ago - 998 views
Tag along as we struggle to get the car to make a clean pass. She is going to be flying once we get it lined out!
2 years ago - 6,129 views
Get a full breakdown of this bagged and BIG turbo Ecoboost Mustang. Please like this video if you do and subscribe to the ...
4 years ago - 50,533 views
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