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My Photography Desk Setup (2021)
Early last year I had a HUGE update to my office space. And since y'all ask me so much about my working area I wanted to start out with a desk tour. T...
7 months ago - 9,090 views
Filmmaker/Photographer Desk Tours
Congrats to the WINNERS IN THIS VIDEO Hit that SUBSCRIBE button for a chance to win our Ad Dollars!! Grab a coffee and watch this mellow video of us ...
1 month ago - 24,858 views
A Photographer's Guide to Working From Home - How to stay Productive/Inspired!
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1 year ago - 19,804 views
DIY Clean Tech Desk Setup | For Photographer & Filmmakers
As a photographer and filmmaker, a minimal clean desk is all I could ask for in my home office space. After countless ikea desk ideas videos, and sear...
3 years ago - 44,124 views
Home Office and Dream Desk Tour — A Photographer’s Workspace
I wanted to build a space where I would be able to focus better and be more creative. A safe space to edit videos, photos that would also double as ni...
2 years ago - 479,550 views
My Photo Studio Desk Tour (iMac 2020)
My minimal photographer, filmmaker & podcast iMac desk setup Save 10% on your first website or domain LINKS TO ...
11 months ago - 54,189 views
My Photography Desk Setup
I've finally got my photography desk setup complete at my home office. I think it's going to work awesome! This photography desk I bought and customiz...
10 months ago - 8,667 views
Photographer's Desk Setup - Workspace Design 2021
If you enjoyed this video, like & subscribe for weekly uploads and ideas. Visit our store for products to spice up your desk:
8 months ago - 2,773 views
DREAM Desk/Studio SETUP for Photographers, Videographers & YOUTUBERS for 2020!!!
This is my dream desk/studio setup for Photographers, Videographers & Youtubers for 2020!! I became obsessed with desk setup videos a little while bac...
2 years ago - 11,940 views
My Photography EDITING DESK SETUP 2021 | Is it the BEST?
My Photography EDITING DESK SETUP 2021 | Is it the BEST? Is this my favorite editing desk setup for photography and video editing? Currently yes, but ...
5 months ago - 519 views
Decluttering my Photography Office
Hey guys, I hope you all enjoy this random extra upload this week thought I would film the process of cleaning up Dan and I's office for the new year ...
2 years ago - 19,230 views
Goodbye, iMac... New Photo & Video Editing Desk Setup 2020 || 2020 MacBook Pro, Thunderbolt 3 Set-Up
Goodbye, iMac... New Photo & Video Editing Desk Setup 2020 || 2020 MacBook Pro, Thunderbolt 3 Set-Up 2020 has been hard, and it's only getting harder.
11 months ago - 5,909 views
The Ultimate PHOTO EDITING Setup!! Studio Tour 2019
Head to to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain using offer code AOP on checkout! I've spent the last ye...
2 years ago - 57,128 views
ULTIMATE CREATIVE WORKSPACE | How I stay productive & organized
In this video, we do a tour of my modern standing desk and creative workspace! I showcase the different items that enable me to be more productive and...
9 months ago - 56,753 views
Creative HOME OFFICE Desk Setup Tour! – Graphic Designer/Photographer Workspace
In this video, I'll cover all about my brand new desk setup that I use for graphic design, logo design, photography, retouching, sketching, and making...
2 years ago - 372,240 views
The PERFECT Photography office!
I've wanted an office to edit my photos and store my camera gear in for years. It's a bucket list dream come true. So, this video is a run down on my ...
3 years ago - 32,444 views
How I Take Minimal Desk Setup Photos!
Check out my gear on Kit: Hey everyone! I've been getting asked a lot on Instagram how I take my minimal desk setup phot...
2 years ago - 4,773 views
My custom desk setup and studio build/tour for photography, filmmaking, design and livestreaming Get my Lightroom presets, animated titles & LUTs: ...
10 months ago - 500,364 views
My PROFESSIONAL Photography & Video editing OFFICE TOUR 2020
1 year ago - 21,578 views
PHOTOGRAPHERS DESK SETUP — Apple iMac 27" (2016)
PHOTOGRAPHERS DESK SETUP — Apple iMac 27" All of my furniture is from Ikea. My desk, chair, shelving, accessories, and frames! Download my Gh5 ...
5 years ago - 9,097 views
HOME OFFICE Desk Setup - Photography and Video Editing Workspace
In this video I'll cover how I change my desk and office workspace, into something that allows me to concentrate and feel more comfortable in spending...
2 years ago - 2,238 views
Photography Desk Tour + Wireless Charger Giveaway!
The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: TO ENTER GIVEAWAY (EN...
5 months ago - 7,948 views
Work from Home Office Tour - Dream Desk Setup 2021- A Photographers Workspace
With everyone working from home these days I wanted to update my home office to better suit my needs. Welcome to my home office space tour and my proc...
7 months ago - 4,020 views
My Photography Editing Desk Cockpit Tour.
Let's take a photography studio editing tour. Actually, just the desk area. Let me know if you'd like an updated digital workflow's been a ...
8 months ago - 8,613 views
The Perfect 2018 MacBook Pro Setup!
The Perfect 2018 MacBook Pro Setup. Photography Edition ft. Tyler Stalman! Check him out: SECRET OFFICE .....
3 years ago - 847,258 views
Creative Desk Tour 2019
Thanks for watching my Creative Space Tour! LINKS: LG 4K Monitor: Lamp: Drawer: .....
2 years ago - 431,864 views
I Turned My Office Desk Into a Photography Studio
Good to be back with the camera, watch me turn my office desk, into a nice small photography set up, only using Natural and LED lighting. If you like ...
5 months ago - 46 views
Photography Studio Tour 2021 - Product Photos at Home!
In this video, I'm showing you my product photography and Youtube studio! We're going through my production setup, how I organize all my gear, where I...
3 months ago - 2,768 views
Updating My Workspace - Home Office + Desk Tour
Follow along as I update, organize, + declutter my design studio to better suit my needs. I'll walk you through the changes I've made, including two n...
1 year ago - 1,547,045 views
My Home Video/Desk Setup Tour! Everything I need in a Simple Setup.
20% off for Philip Bloom's "Filmmaking for Photographers" course on Use this code: KAI20 For...
1 year ago - 61,573 views

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