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With over a hundred different varieties, the Japanese Maple tree is one of the most popular garden trees. Paul Reeves, from Plant ...
13 years ago - 23,839 views
Andy the Camera man decides on a summer project to build a vegetable garden. Here's the first video in what promises to be a ...
12 years ago - 670 views
While we were on our shoot with San Greenhouses, we asked the OHMYBLOOM community if they had any questions. We took ...
12 years ago - 115 views
Andy "The CameraMan" provides a little update on the veggie garden. In this video he shows us how much sunlight the garden ...
12 years ago - 322 views
In this video Andy "TheCameraMan" from Oh My Bloom shows us how easy it is to assemble the TrioLife Plant Pyramid. It requires ...
12 years ago - 24,041 views
Tips and tricks on how to repair a garden hose. This video will explain how to fix a split or break in the middle of your hose.
12 years ago - 24,460 views
Molly shares some useful tips on Orchids. In this video she explains how to prune,water, and care for your orchids.
13 years ago - 1,280,774 views
Andy The Camera man meets up with Kurt Reeves at Plant World in Toronto Ontario, Canada to learn how to install a new end on ...
12 years ago - 38,087 views
In this video Andy TheCameraMan from Oh My Bloom meets up with Kurt from Plant World to learn how to convert a single hose ...
12 years ago - 6,644 views
Andy and Kara from Oh My Bloom redesign the veggie garden. Andy also shows off his bright red Corona shovel!
12 years ago - 530 views
Paul offers some advice to Andy TheCameraman on how to maintain the Oh My Bloom Veggie Garden.
12 years ago - 262 views
In this video Andy TheCameraMan meets up with Kurt Reeves from Plant World in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to learn how to attach ...
12 years ago - 62,733 views
Andy TheCameraMan shows us some wild flowers in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada.
12 years ago - 1,432 views
In this video Andy and Paul take some time to answer some questions from the Oh My Bloom community while in the car on the ...
12 years ago - 98 views
Andy TheCameraMan gives us an update on how the Veggie Garden is doing.
12 years ago - 888 views
Some great suggestions on designing and planting your own Succulent Container.
13 years ago - 35,952 views
Paul Reeves takes you through the various types of Heuchera's, also referred to as Coral Bells, and gives some insights into ...
13 years ago - 21,030 views
Some great ideas for different plant varieties available to plant in your containers in a shaded area.
13 years ago - 19,370 views
1 month ago - 180 views
4 years ago - 15 views
pieced up and got double dinked.
2 years ago - 1 views
13 years ago - 9,969 views
For over 45 years, consumers have put their trust in the Original GARDENA System - and now, the original is even better.
9 years ago - 84,693 views
How to use Coral Bark Maple (Acer palmatum "Sango Kaku") in your garden.
13 years ago - 74,184 views
An important part of the Original GARDENA System, the Water Stop Connector allows fast and comfortable connection at the ...
3 years ago - 11,129 views
Look out for another edition of our Kooyman Workshop Series! This time we'll be building a 3-Tier Planter Box. Check the Full ...
3 years ago - 5,527 views
Springtime in North Carolina brings a wealth of beautiful plants to life. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to an ...
12 years ago - 677 views
Japanese maple tree often refers to maple tree cultivars from Acer palmatum, and also may include maple trees from species Acer ...
9 years ago - 21,311 views
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