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Tested the blade of my first ever bushcrafter. The steel is O2 toolsteel and was supplied by "smederijatelierAlkmaar".
4 years ago - 846 views
Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! #bushraft #diy #camp ...
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Which is the right steel for a handmade knife? Is it 80CRV2 carbon steel or is it AEBL stainless steel? In this knife making video, ...
2 years ago - 306,248 views
knifemaking #knivemaking #relax #hobby #pasion #knife #leather #leatherwork''
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Oil quenching O2 #menchevknives.
4 years ago - 356 views
Today's vlog: is O-1 tool steel a good steel for the beginning knifemaker? Check out TrueNorthMicarta on Instagram: ...
5 years ago - 51,172 views
Copyright is from: Entity: UMG Content Type: Sound Recording All rights reserved to their respective owners 2. Steel Tormentor ...
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Bushcrafter in O2 tool steel (german DIN1.2842) wallnut handle, firestarter and sheath.
8 years ago - 655 views
Piotrek miał poważny wypadek i wymaga kosztownej rehabilitacji. Na ten cel wykonałem nóż ze stali narzędziowej w pochwie ze ...
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The Toothpick knife batoning wood test, Dimensions of the fulltang knife: 40cm length 4,5mm thick NmV/O2 steel 59-60Hrc ...
3 years ago - 230 views
All around knife from 1.2842 high carbon steel and boltaron sheath. handle is black G10 - sandblasted for better grip.
7 years ago - 533 views
Forging scalpel out of the scrap O2 tool steel.
6 years ago - 661 views
Plasma cutting 3mm Mild Steel on the new PRO 3000 XP Swift-Cut plasma cutting table with 50 amps O2 Air. For more ...
7 years ago - 5,593 views
The magnetic properties of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen are compared.
1 year ago - 90,886,690 views
12000W laser cutting 30mm Carbon Steel by Oxygen.
3 years ago - 369 views
12000W laser cutting 40mm CS by Oxygen.
3 years ago - 39 views
This is my first time heat treating A-2 tool steel. What I find interesting about A-2 tool steel is that it air hardens, meaning you do not ...
4 years ago - 20,167 views
Want to know how to drill holes in stainless steel for a lambda boss? Well we have you covered! Adama walks through a simple ...
2 years ago - 4,703 views
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