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When you get put on hold
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1 year ago - 969,941 views
How To Set up Windows 7/8/10 For CAC use on Government Websites
Please Follow This Video From Beginning to end. If you skip through the Video Looking for the one thing you are missing, chances are this will not wor...
5 years ago - 236,014 views
How to access Navy E Learning (How to bypass site restriction pop ups). Read description.
How to access Navy E Learning works 2021. Even with restriction pop ups. Otherwise, check out this email I used. Thank you for contacting the MNP_NEL ...
5 months ago - 1,119 views
Navy Onboarding
In this video, we take a look at how ServiceNow HR Service Delivery can streamline and automate the process of onboarding or transitioning sailors, ci...
1 week ago - 149 views
NMCI an HP Success Story
How To Set Up ANY CAC Reader For Windows/Google Chrome | Zoweetek CAC Reader 12026-3
Hello friends! This is a quick tutorial to set up your personal CAC reader from home! Setting up a CAC reader works the same across all branches: Army...
11 months ago - 25,791 views
Cleared Personnel Contracting Challenges
Briefing Overview This interagency briefing is scheduled for 40 minutes maximum and will address agency challenges with engaging contractors which wil...
4 weeks ago - 19 views
Navy Reserves to Active Duty (Switching and What You Need to Know)
Navy Reserves to Active Duty (Switching and What You Need to Know) Going from RC to AC (Reserve Component to Active Component) is possible in the Navy...
1 year ago - 2,593 views
USN Tech Help: NAVFIT98 exception error, how to correct for Windows 10
It appears that you have to use this link now: This is for new installations of NAVFIT9...
4 years ago - 14,486 views
Dave M. Wennergren, 2001 - A Cyberspace Odyssey (October 31, 2001)
From the CISR video library ( Dave M. Wennergren, DON 2001 - A Cyberspace Odyssey October 31, 2001 at the Naval Postgraduate School...
9 years ago - 99 views
Using Outlook Web Access (OWA) To Access Outlook from Home
If you just can't bear to leave the office at the office, you can always access outlook from home! In this episode of TNTuneup, we walk you through ho...
7 years ago - 9,912 views
Stealth ISS Group CMMC Webinar Series Part 1
Do you want to - understand how to tackle areas of CMMC compliance - know what they mean and - get a clear understanding what you need to do next - ge...
3 weeks ago - 99 views
DON OSBP Webinar Series: NAVWAR
Join Mr. Dan Deconzo and his team for an introduction and coaching on Doing Business with NAVWAR. Guest Speakers include the NAVWAR small business ...
1 year ago - 93 views
Can't Log into Air Force Email with CAC - Fix
If you're webmail, OWA or DesktopAnyWhere isn't working with CAC, try this fix. I use this method all the time considering how difficult it is to view...
1 year ago - 29,234 views
Norfolk Naval Shipyard's Wide Area Alert Network (WAAN)
Are you aware of the Wide Area Alert Network (WAAN)? By registering into the WAAN, you have the ability to receive shipyard alerts via personal email,...
6 years ago - 138 views
Network Strategy for Business Transformation
"Transformation" has been defined as achieving major cost reductions while performance improves and new functions are added. Prof. Strassmann will use...
10 years ago - 285 views
U.S. Navy Emerging Media - Virtual Symposium Session
UNLISTED. For CHINFO use only. Jason Kelley and Sandy Gall-Malone present the Navy's Emerging Media brief to an online audience. Virtual Symposium ...
8 years ago - 92 views
CYBER Threats RDML Ailes 1
SPAWAR's Chief Engineer discusses why YOU are the first line of defense for cybersecurity.
6 years ago - 318 views
(30 Sep 1941) Various shots of Irish Sailors marching up to desk and being paid, in courtyard. Shots of them washing and C.U. of a man's chest tattooe...
6 years ago - 767 views
NAVFAC Southeast - All Hands Call - June 29, 2021
NAVFAC Southeast Commanding Officer Capt. Jorge Cuadros held his first 'live' All Hands Call, June 29, from the All Saints' Chapel onboard Naval Air S...
3 months ago - 210 views
Cindy Moran - Director of Network Services
Cindy Moran, director of Network Services, provides and overview of Network Services as the provider of the infrastructure and frameworks for the ente...
8 years ago - 1,126 views
FY14 DoD IT Budget Briefing
immixGroup provides an in-depth analysis of the FY14 DoD IT budget that can help you develop effective sales plans for the coming year.
8 years ago - 130 views
How to fix "This Page cannot be displayed" error
How to fix Internet Explorer "This page cannot be displayed" error pop up on windows 7. Getting Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage? You may ...
6 years ago - 274,363 views
IEEE | CPP - Industry Meet 'n Greet - 09.08.20
Thank you for the support! Join our Discord here! Monday: Officer Introduction Video via Youtube Tuesday: Meet w/ t...
1 year ago - 19 views
Recording #18
Recorded with
1 year ago - 27 views
Fiscal Year-15 GMT Courses Available
All Hands Update November 14, 2014 #3 It's fiscal year '15 and the new general military training, or GMT, courses are now available.
7 years ago - 156 views
Opus Number 1 - The Famous Phone Hold Music
Looking for something else to pass the time while you're waiting? Check out Mojis ( for your iPhone! “The song is called Opus No. 1, by...
6 years ago - 698,411 views
Thomas Berson, Potential of C4I The Challenge of Information Security (June 1, 2000)
From the CISR video library ( Dr. Thomas A. Berson, Anagram Laboratories Potential of C4I: The Challenge of Information Security Ju...
9 years ago - 377 views

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