In May of 2013, Emily experienced a ruptured ectopic pregnancy that caused intense pain and internal bleeding. After collapsing ...
8 years ago - 206 views
4 years ago - 7 views
During the week of September 6 - 12, we are celebrating our lifesaving team and each employee who helps us change the world!
3 years ago - 193 views
Every single day, donors like you make a difference. Because of the time you dedicate to donating blood or platelets, Owen and ...
6 years ago - 1,486 views
On Thursday, March 11th, 2021, Jason Schomberg of MVRBC (now ImpactLife) stopped by "Ummm...with Frank!" to deliver the ...
2 years ago - 7 views
Description and overview of HemaConnect, with basic instructions for donors on using the new system.
6 years ago - 561 views
Thank you to our employees for all you do! Happy Employee Appreciation 2019!
5 years ago - 54 views
Lilie was diagnosed with leukemia. After going through 3 years of chemotherapy and treatments Lilie had her last chemotherapy.
6 years ago - 193 views
Andy was in a traumatic accident at 16. He received 22 pints of lifesaving blood from blood donors at MVRBC. He has now gone ...
8 years ago - 1,154 views
Giving blood takes about an hour, and the difference it can make for patients who receive lifesaving transfusions can last a lifetime ...
11 years ago - 5,795 views
"Blood donors are a lifeline to our patients." Those words from hospital laboratory manager Sharon Holsch summarize this video ...
11 years ago - 5,931 views
Marie, a donor services charge (phlebotomist), talks about her job and why she loves it!
5 years ago - 961 views
BioLinked is an electronic roster of people willing to participate in research studies. Those who wish to participate submit a ...
5 years ago - 996 views
Our son Marek was diagnosed with Choroid Plexus Carcinoma, an extremely rare brain and spinal cord cancer, when he was one ...
8 years ago - 947 views
When you give blood, your single donation truly counts for patients like Grayson, whose treatment relies on receiving regular ...
5 years ago - 2,521 views
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is encouraging blood donations now. We are monitoring credible health agencies for ...
4 years ago - 29 views
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is encouraging blood donations now. We are monitoring credible health agencies for ...
4 years ago - 47 views
Tony is changing the world. Have you ever thought about donating platelets? You could be helping cancer patients.
4 years ago - 33 views
Fred was an avid donor, donating over 17 gallons of blood. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and received 3 units back ...
5 years ago - 68 views
Tips for high school students preparing to donate at their high school blood drive. The 4 F's: Fourty Winks, Food, Fluids, and Flex!
11 years ago - 1,071 views
Sammie, a lab tech at the blood center, talks about why she likes her job and her experience!
5 years ago - 560 views
Have you every thought about becoming a donor scheduler with the blood center? Jay tells us why he thinks it's great!
5 years ago - 769 views
Here at the Blood Center, we have many different labs that are essential to our lifesaving mission. Here is a special thank you from ...
3 years ago - 211 views
Will you give? Television advertisement featuring actual donors who give blood through Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center ...
11 years ago - 670 views
Trev was diagnosed with an immune disease and received 46 units of granulocytes, 55 units of blood, 159 units of plasma, and ...
5 years ago - 395 views
Hosting a Blood Drive costs nothing. The difference it makes can last a lifetime!
13 years ago - 134 views
Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is committed to helping employees maintain good health as well as their financial ...
3 years ago - 30 views
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