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I Finally Found The Perfect Studio Desk | Make Pop Music
In this video, Austin ends the hunt for the perfect studio desk! Check out the full review and overview of Austin's brand new desk from AZ Studio Work...
1 year ago - 23,700 views
Affordable 88 Key Keyboard Studio Desk (no custom fabrication needed)
I wanted a desk that had a pull-out keyboard drawer for my 88 key keyboard but I found that most of the options were over a $1000. So I came up with m...
3 years ago - 59,103 views
Check this video for the measurements of the desk - I'm Jon Sine a house DJ and music producer ...
5 years ago - 177,034 views
Home Studio Desk with Piano Shelf!
I built this custom Piano Desk for my brother and his girlfriend. It can be used a computer desk or a piano stand. It was a lot of fun to make and I t...
4 years ago - 76,348 views
Top 5 Best Keyboard Workstations For Musicians & Producers
Gaz shows us his 5 Best Workstation Keyboards and demonstrates why you need to add one of these to your studio and live set up! Keyboard Workstations ...
4 years ago - 352,206 views
DIY Floating Keyboard - Music Studio Desk Hacks
Check out my gear on Kit: DIY Floating Keyboard - Music Studio Desk Hacks A quick little DIY video... I recently came up ...
3 years ago - 46,442 views
Ultimate DIY Home Studio Desk
My DIY home studio desk was several months in planning and building, and in this video I give an overview of the process. I hope you are inspired! My ...
2 years ago - 123,483 views
My Productivity Desk Setup for Music and Video
The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: All My Music Courses: .....
12 months ago - 167,235 views
Digital Piano/Midi Keyboard Desk Tray - How I Made Mine!
Please Comment Below! I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, and suggestions. L Brackets ...
9 months ago - 14,029 views
Building the ULTIMATE Music Studio & Gaming Desk Setup // Woodworking
Learn how to build the ULTIMATE music studio and gaming desk setup! Complete with rack mount gear, MIDI keyboard tray, wireless charging, and a gaming...
2 years ago - 790,731 views
Artista Studio Desk - 88 Keyboard Desk
The Artista Studio Desk is both sleek and functional. Featuring a full extension 88 keyboard tray that is height adjustable and also features a leg cu...
2 years ago - 9,531 views
The best cheap DIY MIDI keyboard desk slider and other studio setup tips!
My cheap solution for a keyboard tray based on other Youtube videos. Just because I don't have much legroom, I didn't want a board under my keyboard s...
1 month ago - 4,436 views
Summit Sit-Stand Keyboard Studio Desk
The Summit sit-stand adjustable desk is designed for comfort, health and efficiency. Sit or stand while you unleash your creativity!
3 years ago - 20,256 views
Studio Desk/Keyboard Workstation - Model
This is a studio desk that I've designed to fit my recording and music production needs. It incorporates intuitive design features with relatively ine...
9 years ago - 8,960 views
SCS Elevation Keyboard Desk with Josh Gleave
SCS Elevation Keyboard Desks from Sound Construction & Supply make a perfect music composition workstation for siting or standing.
4 years ago - 2,137 views
SCS Elevation Keyboard Desks
SCS Elevation Keyboard Desks from Sound Construction & Supply make a perfect music composition workstation for siting or standing.
4 years ago - 2,785 views
DIY studio desk with keyboard tray - pdf plans
PDF step-by-step plans available at - Chapters: 0:00 The KOR studio desk features 2:12 How I built the desk 4:23 T...
2 months ago - 345 views
BEGINNER HOME STUDIO SETUP (and why every musician needs one)
10 things to fill your home studio with! Essential for recording guitar, making and producing music, and so much more! ▷SUPPORT◁ ...
4 months ago - 443,765 views
Spike 88 Keyboard Studio Desk
Ergonomically made for your comfort and workflow, the Spike studio desk isn't just another accessory. Its necessary!
3 years ago - 9,904 views
Shane Steel - Recording Studio Desk/ Keyboard Workstation - Dimensions
This is an animation of a recording studio desk/ keyboard workstation that I designed and built. If you'd like to download plans to build the desk you...
9 years ago - 12,793 views
PLATFORM by Output - Tray Assembly Instructions
PLATFORM by Output A desk for musicians. Learn More: Watch this video for help on assembling the tray option to the Platfo...
4 years ago - 66,641 views
PLATFORM by Output - Why did we build a desk?
PLATFORM by Output A desk for musicians. Learn More: Platform is a stunning centerpiece for all studio spaces. Every singl...
4 years ago - 736,416 views
Building a MIDI Keyboard Drawer for my MUSIC STUDIO Standing Desk
diy #studio #keyboard With the standing desk assembled, I needed a convenient way to access my MIDI keyboard while making music. Adding a sliding ...
1 year ago - 3,952 views
✨ NEW DESK SETUP + building my first mechanical keyboard | aesthetic asmr and music ✨
Hey guys! Check out these links if you are looking for an easy to use editing program and screen-recorder for windows and mac! A Robust Screen-Recorde...
9 months ago - 458,400 views
Plastic Shell to Wood Case Upcycle | Woodworking Project
Gutting a plastic keyboard controller and making a wood case. Fun upgrade and upcycle project. Try Skillshare! First 500 people get their first 2 mont...
3 years ago - 61,008 views
Cheap DIY MIDI Keyboard Sliding Desk Shelf! | Home Studio Hacks
How to build your own sliding shelf for midi keyboards/midi controllers, or whatever you want. Brilliant way to save space! Please check out my music ...
3 years ago - 30,893 views
Korg Kronos 2 Review - One Of The Best Workstation Keyboards For Producers
Our resident keys & synths guru, Gaz reviews the Korg Kronos 2 range in search of the best keyboard workstations money can buy. In this video, Gaz ...
4 years ago - 64,824 views
Making a Super Custom Workstation Desk
Making a custom desk out of walnut and plywood. I'm using the wood file cabinets I made previously as the base and building a custom top and shelves f...
3 years ago - 64,035 views
AZ-2 Maple Keyboard Studio Desk
The AZ-2 Maple Keyboard Studio desk is sure to enhance your studio and workflow.
3 years ago - 7,491 views
DIY Wooden Desk with Midi Keyboard, by Thomais de Fois
DIY Wooden Desk with Midi Keyboard, by Thomais de Fois. I needed a desk for my home studio, and I decided to build it myself :) Enjoy! I'd love to rea...
9 months ago - 183 views

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