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How to make a Plywood Desk with Minimal Tools | Easy Woodworking Project
This week we are building us a desk! It's been a while since we built a piece of furniture for us so it was quite nice. We needed a long desk so the t...
4 years ago - 677,681 views
Walnut and Maple Desk Part 1
This video is the first in a series where I will be building a walnut and maple desk. This video focuses on the lower drawer case and the dovetailed j...
2 years ago - 2,061 views
Ultimate Maple Desk
The customer enjoyed his computer hobby so much he asked CVCF to make him the perfect desk. The main wood is Tiger Maple that shows light tiger stripe...
7 years ago - 189 views
Studio Rescue - Episode 9
Francis Buckley. Grammy winning Audio Engineer. All round great guy. Project studio fairy godmother? In Studio Rescue we join Francis as he visits a r...
11 years ago - 677,350 views
From Log To Desk - DIY Beautiful Spalted Maple Sit to Stand Desk build - My Dream Desk!
In this video I create my dream desk out of a live edge piece of Spalted Maple... I use a Vorii Sit to stand desk base to accommodate the large slab. ...
7 months ago - 700 views
Walnut and Maple Desk Part 8
In this video I concentrate on building the desk top. The desktop is actually made of two components: a sub top, and a top. Both receive a curved fron...
2 years ago - 880 views
How To Make A Desk With 1 Sheet Of Plywood | Easy Woodworking Project
In this week's video, we show how we made a desk from one sheet of plywood! The entire desk cost us under $75 to make and features a built-in wireless...
1 year ago - 80,560 views
Walnut and Maple Desk Part 7
In this video I move on to the glue up of the upper and lower cases. This includes fixing mistakes on dovetails, filling gaps, and overcoming problems...
2 years ago - 786 views
Making a Modern Maple Desk with Hidden Storage | Part 2 | #RocklerDeskChallenge
This is Part 2 in the Modern Maple Desk series where I show how I made the drawers and legs. Find me on social media: Instagram: ...
1 year ago - 356 views
Making a Modern Maple Desk with Hidden Storage | Part 3 | #RocklerDeskChallenge
This is Part 3 in the Modern Maple Desk series where I show how I installed the hidden drawer and copper stitching. Find me on social media: Instagram...
1 year ago - 2,164 views
Walnut and Maple Desk Part 6
In this video I move on to making the leg assembly. The legs feature a curved design with knock down joinery for attaching to the desktop assembly. Th...
2 years ago - 757 views
Minimal Desk Setup 2020 (NYC Dark Edition)
What's good ya'll welcome back to the lab. Excited to share my minimal dark desk set up! Featured products __ Logitech MX Keys Advanced Illuminated .....
1 year ago - 77,409 views
Building a Maple Box then a Special Trick to Make It POP!
I made an heirloom quality wood box and it was kind of stupid easy to build! I broke it down into a series of small steps. It starts with the basic co...
5 days ago - 16,614 views
Minimal Desk Setup Tour 2021
Time Stamps: 00:00 – Intro 01:14 – Desk 03:07 – Monitors 04:02 – Speakers 04:47 – Lighting 05:52 – Stream Deck 07:35 – Keyboard 08:07 ...
2 weeks ago - 8,662 views
Walnut and Maple Desk Part 5
In this video I work on the spacers that separate the upper and lower case. The spacers also serve as knock down joinery allowing the upper desktop as...
2 years ago - 667 views
Building my White-Themed Dream Desk Setup | Modern and Minimal
Updated my Dream Desk Setup to a lighter White Theme. Finding good white components (rather than the traditional black) was a lot harder than I though...
2 years ago - 373,361 views
Solid Wood Maple Roll Top Desk
01:49 The deluxe maple roll top desk is handcrafted out of solid wood by Amish...
8 years ago - 14,739 views
Walnut and Maple Desk Part 2
In part two of the Walnut and Maple Desk build series I continue on with building the lower case assembly. This starts with cutting the curve in the f...
2 years ago - 1,157 views
Getting Rid Of All Of My Makeup...
Hi Sisters! Today's video is a cleaning and organization video for all of my neat freaks out there! My studio has been a mess for months now so we fin...
1 month ago - 2,241,941 views
Maple L-Shape Desk and Hutch
Come by 12230 Northwest Freeway, Houston, TX 77092 and check out the Maple L-shape desks with and without a Hutch!
1 year ago - 10 views
maple desk & shelf
5 years ago - 8 views
Modern Gaming Desk Build - Maple Plywood and Hairpin Legs
In this video, I'll show you how to make this modern looking gaming desk with Hairpin Legs and sleek back-cut edges. I made this desk for my man Camer...
1 year ago - 2,516 views
Calvin's Desk Part 2
In part two of the series on Calvin's desk, I concentrated on the legs. When designing the legs, I initially started with a cruciform shape looking do...
9 years ago - 100,421 views
How to Custom DIY Maple Desk | Woodworking
We build a HUGE 6 foot custom desk this week! Join us on Patreon! - Discord - Instagram ...
2 years ago - 69 views
Building a MODERN Plywood Bench - Shaun Boyd Made This
Watch me make a Modern Plywood Bench real quick. ...
4 years ago - 1,844,242 views
Laptop Desk - Made from Reclaimed Maple!!!$$$&
Sometimes you just need to slow down and make something out of wood. In a few evenings I made this quick and easy DIY waterfall style live edge table ...
2 years ago - 993 views
4 Common Mistakes That Ruin a Flat Table Top
It's not hard to make a flat table top with the right techniques, you don't need a giant flattening machine. You just have to avoid these 4 common mis...
2 years ago - 683,733 views
Keepsake Boxes with Miters and Corner Keys
Made a couple of keepsake boxes, all with mitered joinery and reinforced with keys on the corners. Over time I've kept and saved various pieces of wei...
2 years ago - 84,195 views
The ULTIMATE diy Dream Desk W/ Epoxy Resin LED's
Check out this "ultimate" DIY Dream Desk w/ epoxy resin LED's and everything I want in a desk. This dream desk features the epoxy resin diffused LED's...
3 years ago - 210,756 views

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