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Lap desk plans
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8 years ago - 759 views
Building a Wood Laptop Table / Stand / Desk Quick DIY Project
Building a Wood Laptop Table / Stand / Desk Quick DIY Project I felt like a bad infomercial every time I used my laptop on my lap so I had to do somet...
2 years ago - 72,883 views
Building a Mahogany Campaign Lap Desk
I built a campaign lap desk as a gift for an artist. I used African Mahogany and included some secret compartments in the build. This was my first lap...
2 years ago - 3,027 views
Building a Multi-Function Wooden Laptop Table
Made from solid Bornean Obar Suluk and Canadian Pine. This handy little table fits over your lap as you work, surf or snack. "When Morning Comes" Musi...
4 years ago - 51,757 views
Build a Shaker Lap Desk Trailer
Preview of "Build a Shaker Lap Desk with Chris Becksvoort": Practice your hand tool woodworking skills with Chris Becksvoort's classic Shaker lap desk...
3 years ago - 20,374 views
Epic Lap Desk for your Laptop!
Buy it here: 30% off coupon 6KU8ZNDV Hey guys - Today we're checking out a cool lap desk that you could use for your laptop, t...
2 years ago - 43,772 views
How To: Make a Simple Lap Desk
My family has a Christmas tradition of making a gift for the person you are shopping for, I had learned my mother wanted a lap desk and took my chance...
6 years ago - 58,493 views
Making a lap desk
I made a lap desk for my sister. She will be displaying it at her 25th wedding anniversary reception. I made several mistakes and instead of throwing ...
6 years ago - 40,704 views
How to build a lap desk
Download the free plans at Make a decoupaged lap desk with your child using basic tools and mat...
9 years ago - 9,237 views
Standing Laptop Desk | Mid Century | Minimalist | DIY
EDIT, more comprehensive plans for this project can be found on my website: For more...
2 years ago - 13,965 views
Laura's Lapdesk Reproductions
A short interview with Cabinetmaker David Johnson who creates exact reproductions of Laura Ingalls Wilder's lapdesk. He talks about his theory about w...
10 years ago - 9,738 views
How to Build a Laptop Stand/Lap Desk (about $15)
Build a table for your table :) This thing is a godsend for tall people! Materials & Equipment Used: -- Wooden Tabletop 60x40x2cm -- 9.4x4.2cm Wood .....
6 years ago - 11,151 views
S2 E3 Shaker Lap Desk
In this episode Steve builds a Shaker Lap Desk, using the table to cut dovetails. See how he does it - In The Garage.
3 months ago - 272 views
How To Build A Live Edge Lap Desk
woodworking #liveedge #lapdesk Learn how to build a lap desk using a live edge slab and a few simple tools. This tutorial walks you through the whole ...
2 years ago - 3,786 views
Knock-down laptop table for couch / standup desk
A height adjustable table to use with a couch or easy chair. Knock down, and height adjustable all the way up to standing desk height.
6 years ago - 1,396,940 views
Building a Laptop Lapdesk
From a single piece of plywood and a neoprene mousepad, I built a lapdesk. While I used my XCarve (which you can learn about here ...
3 years ago - 6,031 views
43 - How to Build a Lap Desk Birdseye Maple with Ebony and Cocobolo Online Class
Lap Desk from Birdseye Maple with Macassar Ebony and Cocobolo My wife asked me to build her a lap desk. She went back to school recently to get a grad...
4 years ago - 43,369 views
How a Lap of Luxury Lap Desk is made
Watch construction of a lap desk at 8 times normal speed.
7 years ago - 4,267 views
DIY Gaming Lap Desk
I really wanted a solution to game on my couch comfortably, so I built one myself Product description and links: Wood plank. 30" x 10" x 1" Yoga Block...
5 years ago - 80,328 views
Pallet Laptop Desk DIY
Today Tara is sharing how she made her pallet laptop tray for using her laptop in bed. The materials only cost 12$NZD if you use some recycled or left...
4 years ago - 28,372 views
Laptop Desk - Made from Reclaimed Maple!!!$$$&
Sometimes you just need to slow down and make something out of wood. In a few evenings I made this quick and easy DIY waterfall style live edge table ...
2 years ago - 992 views
Lap Desk - Make It With Menards
A lap desk is great for working from bed or enjoying breakfast and a cup of coffee! Learn how to make your own lap desk with built-in storage using ma...
3 years ago - 5,455 views
19th Century Clerks Desk Making the Base Step 1
In this video, I make plans for building a 19th century clerks desk. I start with making the base by tapering the legs and mortise and tenon the apron...
6 years ago - 2,246 views
DIY Lap Desk Project
Do It Yourself (DIY) Lap Desk that has its own unique appearance for use when sitting or reclining for use with a laptop PC, tablet, writing/reading t...
7 years ago - 9,491 views
#50 - DIY Lap Desk... Gotta keep momma happy
My wife is a high school math teacher. She currently has a torn Achilles tendon and needs to keep her ankle immobile and elevated when possible. This ...
3 years ago - 635 views
D.I.Y Multipurpose Lap desk In 5 Easy Steps
How to make your own Multipurpose Lapdesk! With materials found at home in 5 easy steps this lap desk is made from items which were found at home.
9 years ago - 17,001 views
Laptop Stand, Snack Table, or Bedside Desk - Weekend Woodworking Project
This Laptop Stand can be made from a single 8-foot 1"x12" board. It can also be used as a snack table or a bedside desk. The height adjusts from 26" t...
7 years ago - 75,900 views
Simple DIY Lap Desk | Saws on Skates®
Learn how to make this simple DIY lap desk that's perfect for working or learning from home! Link to the step by step tutorial, plans, and materials l...
9 months ago - 455 views
DIY portable writing desk
Guess how many times I say “practical “. Haha . I have idea why!
1 year ago - 330 views
How To Build A Fold Down Wall Desk | DIY Murphy Desk
Today I'm showing you how I built my own version of a DIY folding wall desk (or, Murphy desk)! While it functions as a desk with storage when folded d...
9 months ago - 511,334 views

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