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The Dynamic Desktop (in the office of the future...)
The Dynamic Desktop will change the way the people work. For the first time, tangible objects can be used to interact on a project capacitive touch sc...
7 years ago - 142,101 views
Turn Any Table into a Touchscreen?
The Puppy Cube sounds crazy, but is a $799 Indiegogo project that can turn any table/surface into a touchscreen up to 40” and change into a projecto...
3 years ago - 512,767 views
Interactive, Multi-touch Table for foodservice and retail industries by Kodisoft
Kodisoft is an Internet of Things (IoT) company that has designed the first interactive, multi-touch table for dining destinations that really works! ...
5 years ago - 77,667 views
Motorized Interactive Desk: Mekanix Elektro
Mekanix Elektro Multi-touch Desk .42", 46 and 55" Coming soon. Interactive Box Industrial Touch & Multi-touch solutions. For infos on our products ple...
9 years ago - 919 views
Review: VTech Explore and Write Activity Desk Transforms into Easel and Chalkboard
The Vtech Explore and Write Activity Desk makes learning FUN! This is an interactive desktop with five pages to explore that are filled with engaging ...
9 months ago - 12,794 views
Interactive Table for Early Years (EYFS) - a demonstration
An outstanding interactive touch table for nursery and EYFS children - see a full demonstration here. Engage children with the latest interactive tabl...
4 months ago - 309 views
Buy My New Book Here: -------------------------------------------------------- Visit My Site: www.adampeterso...
5 months ago - 1,789 views
Interactive Desk
interactive desk.
4 years ago - 384 views
Interactive Desk
Interior Design, Interactive desk, Adobe spark project.
3 years ago - 31 views
This Projector Turns Any Desk Into a Touchscreen
Check out puppy cube: We've checked out several projectors on the .....
3 years ago - 230,133 views
final interactive desk video
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
5 years ago - 12 views
inviDESK - Interactive DESK by [react]IN
inviDESK-interactive virtual desk-is an innovative system that transforms your meeting table or any other working surface into a dynamic multimedia en...
14 years ago - 7,196 views
Kobalt Tools - Parent Projects - Interactive Desk
In this episode of Kobalt Parent Projects, we take you through the steps to build an interactive desk for your kids. Kobalt Tools are available exclus...
3 years ago - 167 views
moll Schreibunterlage: moll explains the interactive desk pads
For explorers and adventurers: To explore the world, you have to plunge right into the action. With the moll desk pad, children are brought closer to ...
9 months ago - 64 views
VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk- Smyths Toys
Four-in-one desk features writing pad, desk, blackboard and art station! Desk includes an interactive desktop, stylus and 4 double- sided touch pages ...
3 years ago - 76,426 views
Building an Interactive Desktop in Unity3D with Rainity
Check out the Course: ------- Ever want to build an interactive desktop wallpaper with particles, clickable shortcuts, cpu moni...
3 years ago - 14,099 views
Interactive Whiteboard + Interactive Desk
Interactive Whiteboard + Interactive Desk.
10 years ago - 192 views
WorkEat - Break Interactive Desk
Interactive Desk Prototype
10 months ago - 2 views
DESK-V201 Assembly Instructions
Purchase Here: Adjustable smart desk for children (DESK-V201B) from VIVO. This interactive desk and chair station combines fun...
6 years ago - 25,611 views
Interactive Desk
This interactive desk is designed by ergonomics & interaction design lab of Industrial Design department of National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.
14 years ago - 3,113 views
Learning unboxing: vtech New! Touch & Learn Activity Desk Deluxe Interactive Learning System
09:19 FOLLOW ....
5 years ago - 33,666 views
Interactive Desk Prototype
A prototype of an Interactive desk students would use as an input system to answer questions based on the information shown on the mainboard in the fr...
8 years ago - 46 views
Top 10 Smartest Personal Home Robots You Can Actually Buy
Now-a-days, almost every single work we do, is done by robots. From the artificial plant on our desk to manufacturing a car, is completely done by thi...
2 years ago - 351,701 views
Interactive EM Spectrum Exhibit on Ideum 8K 100" Pano Multitouch Table
Eureka! This new EM Spectrum exhibit takes advantage of twin 4K UHD screens and all of the coding, user interface, graphic design, and content is enti...
7 years ago - 10,197 views
Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe from VTech
There's so much for kids to explore on the Touch & Learn Activity Desk Deluxe! Touch any object on the five activity cards to explore numbers, shapes,...
5 years ago - 155,464 views
Calm Station: An Interactive Perpetual Desk Object that Reduces Digital Distractions
DIS '17 Companion: Proceedings of the 2017 ACM Conference Companion Publication on Designing Interactive SystemsJune 2017 Pages 317 320 ...
2 years ago - 165 views
Interactive DESK - Developed by react-in (inviDESK)
A powerful innovative way of interaction and collaboration. Developed by react-in and launched in 2006 (so much earlier than Microsoft Surface). With ...
14 years ago - 1,109 views

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