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How To Create a KPI Dashboard in 10 Minutes!
KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are great for showing the health of the business at a quick glance. In this video I will show you how to build a si...
12 months ago - 37,893 views
How to Write KPIs – 4 Step Approach
05:56 With the confusion that surrounds KPIs, it's about time we dedicated a post to explain how to ...
3 years ago - 22,747 views
How to Develop Key Performance Indicators
How do we develop key performance indicators (KPIs)? KPIs are associated with goals and objectives. What do you want to achieve, and by when? KPIs ans...
5 years ago - 571,702 views
Webinar: How to tell a story with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)?
What is a KPI? The answer depends on who you ask. For most IT and Business Intelligence people, a KPI is simply a number representing performance for ...
3 years ago - 68,643 views
How to set up Performance Indicators! The ultimate KPIs guide!
In this video you will learn How to set up performance indicators and be introduced to the ultimate KPIs guide. It is a video packed with useful infor...
11 months ago - 25,112 views
How To... Create a Basic KPI Dashboard in Excel 2010
Learn how to create a simple KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Dashboard using Conditional Formatting in Excel 2010. In this example you will learn how ...
10 years ago - 430,760 views
Key metrics to measure the success of customer support
Link: Twitter page: ....
3 years ago - 4,169 views
Giva's Help Desk Interactive Dashboard
Giva's customizable home page Dashboard provides constant visibility to hot spots and highlights critical issues with charts, metrics and analytics! L...
2 years ago - 1,647 views
Excel Dashboard Course #19 - Call Center Performance Dashboard in Excel
In this video, I will show you how to create a call center performance dashboard in Excel (from scratch) ✓ Download File -
2 years ago - 32,672 views
Crea un dashboard de KPI's
Te gustaría como crear un dashboards de KPI's? En este video encontraras las mejores prácticas para crear estas herramientas de toma de decisiones, ...
6 months ago - 125,639 views
The difference between Metrics, KPIs & Key Results
Metrics, Key Results and KPIs are indispensable tools for result-driven organisations. They have similar characteristics, but aren't all the same and ...
2 years ago - 77,117 views
KPI Template: 12 Steps to a Perfect KPI
Follow the 12 steps of this KPI template to make better performance indicators. BASIC Level 1:30 - Step 01 - Define KPI Name 4:09 - Step 02 - Align KP...
2 years ago - 589 views
What Your Boss Can TRACK About YOU with Microsoft Teams
Does Microsoft Teams track your working hours? Many of us use Microsoft Teams while working remotely. But did you ever wonder what your BOSS can TRACK...
8 months ago - 2,577,917 views
Excel Dashboard for Schools with changing students images dynamically | Video Tutorial #1
Enjoy the NEW full video tutorial for this dashboard with Voice-over, check the link below: To get our templates, visit o...
9 months ago - 366,505 views
Best KPI Dashboards PowerPoint Templates Examples Designs
Download Here: ----- Best KPI Dashboards PowerPoint Templates Designs ...
10 months ago - 4,559 views
Jira Reporting Dashboard Best Practice
Tom Harris, (Old Street, Adaptavist, Automation for Jira, and the London Atlassian User Group) hosts a session about Jira Reporting Dashboard best pra...
1 year ago - 52,491 views
Call Center KPI Dashboard | Metrics for Customer Service Agent
Download HERE: This Excel Call Center KPI Dashboard Template incorporates 20 Most use...
3 years ago - 16,295 views
KPI DASHBOARD in Excel-Part 1 | How to create a KPI Dashboard in Excel | Step by Step | in Hindi
KPI DASHBOARD in Excel-Part 1 | How to create a KPI Dashboard in Excel | Step by Step | in Hindi KPI dashboard in one of the most used dashboards in ....
11 months ago - 128,909 views
Call Center Management - Calculate the # of agents you need. (Volume 1 of 2)
Here is a formula that helps you determine how many agents you will need to answer all your calls or e-mails. Each part of the formula is explained in...
11 years ago - 149,652 views
Interactive Excel HR Dashboard - FREE Download
Download file used in the video with step by step instructions and links to more tutorials: In ...
3 years ago - 759,690 views
Maximo 76 KPI Templates
Maximo 76 KPI Templates.
5 years ago - 305 views
Setting Yourself up for Success with KPI Composer- Feb 24, 2021 - Performance Analytics Academy
KPI Composer ensures that your performance management strategy aligns with business goals and has support from executive sponsors. Using KPI Composer ...
7 months ago - 926 views
Creating Excel KPI Dashboard Template - Customer service KPI
Creating Excel KPI Dashboard Template - Customer service KPI How to create a customer KPI dashboard in Excel to trac...
8 years ago - 20,981 views
Why KPIs are NOT measures - the difference between metrics and KPIs
In this video I explain why KPIs are not measures - they are called 'Indicators' for a reason as they indicate performance levels, but never measure t...
2 years ago - 6,919 views
32. ITIL | Incident management overview | workflow
This ITIL core foundation video explains about the overview, purpose, scope, objectives of incident management process and the incident management ...
5 years ago - 28,354 views
Modify the SharePoint Help Desk Template and New Request Forrm
Navo provides a fast, reliable way to access your company's tools and information. Administrators can manage and instantly publish bookmarks for the e...
12 years ago - 50,632 views
KPI Dashboard PowerPoint Template
Got it Now : KPI Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation Template KPI Dashboard ...
6 months ago - 176 views
SharePoint Power Hour Episode 28: Running a SharePoint Help Desk
In this episode, Jeff Taylor talks about running a SharePoint help desk, some common questions, and how he most efficiently helps them.
8 years ago - views
Supply Chain & Logistics KPI Dashboard | Excel Template
DOWNLOAD: This Supply Chain & Logistics KPI Dashboard is an Excel Template...
3 years ago - 61,270 views
The Most Important KPIs to Track Your Business Success
The Most Important KPIs to Track Your Business Success. Here's how I manage and grow my business consistently using specific key performance indicator...
1 year ago - 479 views

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