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My Hello Kitty Desk Tour / HELLO KITTY desk Tour / Hello Kitty Collection / Kawaii Desk tour /2019
Please watch: "(36) Handmade chocolate birthday card /chocolate gift slider /chocolate gift idea/hello kitty card slider ...
2 years ago - 126,028 views
My Sort of Hello Kitty Home Office
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8 months ago - 220 views
Get my backpack HERE!!!: - Eating show mentioned: ...
2 years ago - 281,706 views
منظم للمكتب |DIY Hello kitty Desk Organizer
في الفيديو هنعمل مع بعض منظم للمكتب او ممكن نقول مقلمه مكتب علي شكل هيلو كيتي الأدو...
1 year ago - 335 views
DIY Kitty Desk Organizer | Desk Decor | Hello Kitty Crafts
Supplies Needed: Cardboard Foam Sheet Glitter Foam Sheet Glue Gun Paint Pen Scissors Lace Half Pearl Sticker It is awesome to take some recycled ...
6 months ago - 6,953 views
How To Make Hello Kitty Desk Organizer | Desk Organization Ideas | Desk Decor
Supplies Needed: Old Tin Foam Sheet Glitter Foam Sheet Glue Gun Paint Pen Scissors It is awesome to take some recycled cardboard and make a nice cute ...
1 year ago - 8,743 views
HUGE Aliexpress haul! More planner goodies Hello Kitty Planner! Kawaii school supplies!
Hello Kitty planner, lots of fun stationery, Sanrio planner stickers & sticky notes, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, etc. Hi! Thanks for watching liking...
2 years ago - 10,048 views
KAWAII DESK TOUR 2021 [Squishy Storage, Newspapers, Plushies, Hello Kitty Decor] 🌸🎊🎀
Ayo! I've been wanting to film this video since forever, but here is my 2021 Kawaii Desk Tour! I plan on getting rid of/donating some things I own so ...
4 months ago - 252 views
PLEASE READ ME* Good morning #badkittygang ! Lone here , she/her/hers and I'm back again with another video description! Today I shall be showing y'al...
10 months ago - 455 views
Hello Kitty Stationery Kit Gift Box Set Red Pink Purple Back To School Holiday Gift
Your child must be busy with his daily online classes and you might be juggling between your daily household chores and your office meetings. Amidst a...
3 weeks ago - 24 views
Hello kitty desk tour 2019
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3 years ago - 1,155 views
🎒🏫 Back to School Crafts: Hello Kitty Desk Organizer - simplekidscrafts
DIY - Tin Can Jewelry Organizer - Make it Yourself here is an easy room decoration DIY that you can give away as a present or decorate your own room w...
5 years ago - 48,007 views
Desk organizer | Hello kitty desk organizer | Best desk organizer | DIY craft | Bunny Tv
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2 months ago - 298 views
Re-Ment Sanrio Hello Kitty Stationery Miniature Collection
An old post of my Hello Kitty Re-Ment. Love these miniatures :) ♥ Subscribe for more videos: ♥ Follow me on - Facebook: ...
2 years ago - 3,929 views
HUGE Kawaii Aliexpress stationery Haul! Hello Kitty My Melody Rilakkuma so many kawaii things!
Another awesome Aliexpress haul with so many kawaii office and school supplies! This aliexpress haul is perfect for those who do planners or journalin...
2 years ago - 32,678 views
DIY Kitty Desk Organizer | Desk Decor | Hello Kitty
Hey everyone!!❤️ I hope you'll are doing well! Today I made DIY Kitty Desk Organizer!! Hope you'll like it! Don't forget to like, share, comment a...
6 months ago - 107 views
9 Year Old Kid's Desk Setup Tour for Livestream! [HelloKitty PC]
In this video, I show you how I upgraded my daughter Peony's computer so she can livestream her games on her PC. Unlike most parents, I actually encou...
4 years ago - 22,099 views
Hello Kitty Scrapbooking Activity Set Unboxing - World Market Exclusive
Today we are unboxing a set of Hello Kitty Scrapbooking activity set that is exclusive to World Market. This stationary set comes with everything you ...
2 years ago - 3,121 views
Hello Kitty desk organizer
I made this desk organizer a few weeks ago for a challenge over at I love how it turned out! Thanks for watching!
8 years ago - 793 views
New to Our Hello Kitty Collection
Say HELLO to kindness, friendship & ORGANIZATION with Hello Kitty x Erin Condren planners, notebooks, stationery, stickers, bundles, and more! Now wit...
8 months ago - 2,293 views
Sanrio Retail Store: Hello Kitty & Friends Desk Set
Sanrio Retail Store: Hello Kitty & Friends Desk Set Included: Pencil and or Pen Stand Pen Pencil Ruler Clip Lead.
7 years ago - 399 views
How to make Hello kitty Toy Printer Stationery Organizer With paper/ School supplies
HellokittyToy #HellokittyStationery.
10 months ago - 26,815 views
FoamSheet Craft Ideas😻 || Desk Organizer😊|| Hello Kitty Desk Organizer 😄 ||Best From Waste 💡
A girly channel where you can get all girly stuff •Crafts •Online reviews(clothing and jewellery) •Nail arts •Mehandi designs •Rangoli •de...
12 months ago - 163 views
Erin Condren 2021 Hello Kitty Office Supply Haul
I am collaborating with Erin Condren to bring you a sneak peak of just SOME of the beautiful 2021 Erin Condren Hello Kitty line. . . Be sure to check ...
8 months ago - 32 views
DIY Hello Kitty Furniture Bedroom Set
Hello Kitty Bedroom Set DIY Hello Kitty Furniture Hello Kitty Transform your girl's bedroom into a fun and fashionable place to sleep with this.
5 years ago - 9,861 views
DIY Hello Kitty desk organizer with cardboard/Desk Organizer/Cardboard Ice-Cream cart for room decor
In today's tutorial I have done a Craft with cardboard that is ice-cream cart which you can use as desk organizer or to decorate your home/room. I wil...
12 months ago - 233 views
How to make Hello Kitty paper desk drawer/ Desk Organizer ideas/matchbox drawer/ Anku art and craft
How to make Hello Kitty paper desk drawers || matchbox desk drawer || kitty desk organization |Desk Organizer | Anku art and craft welcome to my chann...
2 months ago - 127 views

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