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FOH desk mix - While She Sleeps - Know Your Worth @ Download festival 2021
While She Sleeps - Know Your Worth Live from Download Festival Pilot 2021 Audio is a direct out recording from my FOH console. Midas m32R running Wave...
3 months ago - 7,864 views
Live Annotated Monitor Mix Walk Through Avid S6L-32D
Live Annotated Monitor Mix Walk Through on the Avid S6L-32D audio console. I have been doing a lot of monitor mixing lately and take a slightly differ...
2 years ago - 22,655 views
FOH Mixing: Live Tips and Tricks by Ozzy’s Mix Engineer
How does FOH Greg Price get his mixes to really rock? Get a glimpse of his stacked vocal effects and his coined "good cop, bad cop" parallel drum comp...
3 years ago - 154,861 views
Ed Sheeran "Divide" Tour 2018: Sound System Design and FoH sound for his support Jamie Lawson
Support us on steady / Unterstützt uns auf steady! mothergrid had the chance to talk to the sound crew of the Ed S...
3 years ago - 225,341 views
MIDAS: Behind the Desk featuring Shane Bardiau / Twenty One Pilots
Midas joins Twenty One Pilot's FOH Engineer Shane Bardiau on their Blurryface Tour where he's using a PRO2 for FOH duty and talks about why he went wi...
6 years ago - 14,092 views
M32 Quick Tip - DL32 FOH/Monitor Split
In this video we show you how easy it is to use the AES50 "B" port on the DL32 to split your inputs to a second M32 console. This is a great solution ...
5 years ago - 193,769 views
Behind the Live Sound of Coldplay
Watch FOH/studio engineer and producer Daniel Green as he shares his approach to mixing Coldplay live at the Hollywood Bowl and discusses his favorite...
9 years ago - 687,103 views
Meet Ed Sheeran's Sound Guys — FOH Engineer & Systems Tech
To stay updated with news, reviews and features on the pro audio world, head over to: Follow us on Facebook at: ...
3 years ago - 44,679 views
Behind the scenes | Depeche Mode live 2018: FoH sound with Antony King - Interview
More videos, pics & stories: Markus Wilmsmann from mothergrid watched an absolutely stunning Depeche Mode show on 18th of .....
4 years ago - 60,042 views
Big Mick Hughes on The XL8 - Threshold & Attack
In this special video, we throwback to March 2018 as FoH Engineer Big Mick Hughes discusses using the XL8 to forge Metallica's unique sound and stage ...
1 year ago - 4,047 views
Hybrid Mixing Part 8: Subgroups & Mix Bus
3 years ago - 19,957 views
Umphrey's McGee: "Der Bluten Kat" w/Jefferson Waful LD Commentary
Our Lighting Designer/Director, Jefferson Waful, talks through his process as he lights up Der Bluten Kat to open up set II. Recorded live at the Capi...
4 years ago - 77,912 views
Mixing Monitors From FOH Introduction HD
In most smaller venues, such as the lovely Pickle Factory in Bethnal Green, the sound engineer is required to do two jobs – mixing both monitors and...
5 years ago - 90,775 views
George Chapman: FOH Engineer for Marilyn Manson
George Chapman talks about his use of Eventide effects - rack units and plug-ins - for mixing Marilyn Manson's live show. Visit https://www.eventideau...
5 years ago - 13,165 views
Waves eMotion LV1 Ultimate FOH with OCD Labs LV1 LiteFly
My thoughts on the ultimate LV1 FOH rig featuring OCD Labs LV1 LiteFly Please support my page at: If this v...
2 years ago - 15,581 views
Mixing One Direction: FOH Engineer Mark Littlewood on LEO
Mix with your ears, and not with your eyes. I'm probably as guilty as anybody on this, but I tend to mix looking at a screen, which is totally wrong. ...
6 years ago - 14,048 views
Wild Boys LIVE at Boston Gliderdrome
Wild Boys playing live at the Boston Gliderdrome on 31 January 2015. Covering the Simple Minds hit, "Don't you forget about me" 100% live audio from F...
7 years ago - 3,533 views
Black Slate - FOH Desk Mix
Recorded Live at The Backroom Brisbane Nov 2019 Audio taken directly from the L/R master. Mixed by Matthew Cutlass
2 years ago - 25 views
MIDAS: Behind the Desk featuring Dirk Duram (Toby Keith FOH Engineer)
Toby Keith FOH Engineer Dirk Duram tells us about his transition from MIDAS analog to digital with the PRO X for this year's Good Times and Pickup Lin...
6 years ago - 34,662 views
Adam Savage Explores the Sound Mixing of Hamilton!
Adam Savage visits the sound mixing booth for the San Francisco touring production of Hamilton to learn how audio engineer Kevin McCoy mixes the dozen...
2 years ago - 465,727 views
#SHORTS While She Sleeps FOH Desk Mix - Nervous Vocal FX mute - Live Sound Tips
SHORTS While She Sleeps @ Download festival pilot 2021. Song: Nervous On This section of the song I push the vocal FX dca (Verb & Delay) so it's notic...
2 months ago - 1,190 views
Metallica WorldWired Tour - Behind the scenes (4 of 4): „Big Mick“ Hughes about FoH sound
Mehr Stories und News: More videos about the Metallica WorldWired Tour: A chat with „Big Mick...
3 years ago - 89,732 views
How to Tune Drums from FOH for Live Performance
Live sound experts from MxU show us how to use Waves Torque to tune drums in a live setting from the FOH desk, and get the snares sounding tight and ....
2 years ago - 17,600 views
How We Record Audio At The Tiny Desk
In honor of all the entrants to our 2017 Tiny Desk Contest, we made a little video about how our audio whiz Josh Rogosin records the Tiny Desk concert...
5 years ago - 474,805 views
Interview with Mark Dowdle: FoH Engineer for Gloria Estefan
Mark Dowdle, Gloria Estefan's front of house engineer, talks about using the Midas XL8 Live Performance System on tour. .
11 years ago - 19,744 views
Using Pink Noise and the Built-In RTA to Ring Out Your Room
Drew Brashler of stops by MUSIC Studios in Los Angeles to explain how to use Pink Noise and the built-in RTA to ring out your room using ...
5 years ago - 450,409 views
Bruce and Grayzar, gone but never forgotten
"Icecream Man".Recorded live through FOH desk in 1988 at The Wheatsheaf in Hobart. Bruce Holloway in full flight as only he could. Backed up by Graeme...
8 years ago - 135 views
Waves eMotion LV1 Mixing System | Worship Ministry Setup
The Worship Ministry Toolkit: In this video, Adam shows us his digital mixer setup for his worship...
2 years ago - 47,798 views
BigBand Konzert 2014
BigBand St. Johann - Corcovado Solist: Rudi Friesinger Sounddesign: Werner Groisz recorded stereo direct out from FOH-Desk Video: M. Sojer.
7 years ago - 479 views
1992 Carson Taylor Band Live at Broadford "The Riddle" (Sid Rumpo)
Recorded onto a portable cassette player off the FOH desk! Rough, but it gives the essence of the band in it's infancy! Audio Only!
3 years ago - 276 views

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