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Building an invisible PC
In this video we'll be building an invisible PC! Also, regarding KiwiCo, visit for 20% off EVERYTHING or use code DIYPE...
1 year ago - 5,544,493 views
Ultimate DIY Desk PC - Desk Construction
It's another father-son project.. An affordable (and awesome) desk PC.. where my dad does pretty much all of the work! Don't worry I'll actually help ...
5 years ago - 3,362,199 views
The last part of creating a PC desk video.
4 weeks ago - 33 views
DIY PC Desk #3 - Templates & Tube Bending
Part 3 of my DIY PC Desk project. In this video I start mocking up the desk's component layout and bend all the acrylic tubes for the custom loop. 00:...
2 days ago - 78 views
DIY Built in Collapsible PC Desk | How To Build Your Own PC Desk From Scrap | DIY Computer Case
DIY Built in Collapsible PC Desk | How To Build Your Own PC Desk From Scrap | DIY Computer Case | Creative Amol AC Motor Speed Control Video Link Part...
2 weeks ago - 81 views
DIY Computer Desk with Cable Management
DIYcomputertable #DIY #DIYgamingcomputertable #DIYcomputerdesk #CableManagement #BudgetMeal.
2 weeks ago - 201 views
DIY Computer Desk - Steel Frame Wooden Top
How to build a cheap easy steel framed computer desk / table with a wooden MDF top. I bought the MDF top custom sized and already vinyl wrapped.
4 weeks ago - 58 views
DIY PC Desk #2 - Water Block Installation
Part 2 of my DIY PC Desk project. In this video I install the water blocks on the GPU and motherboard. Hardware used: EK-Quantum Vector FTW3 RTX ...
3 weeks ago - 189 views
How to Build an Epic Work Desk for Under $75 | Custom All Wood Desktop
Step by step guide on how to build this custom all wood desk for computers, studying, work bench, whatever you need. And how to do it for under $75. H...
2 years ago - 643,808 views
I Built My Own Computer Desk (And It Doesn't Suck!)
I built my own L-shaped PC desk... and it doesn't suck! Here's how! SPONSOR: Snag an OEM Windows 10 Pro key and use our (updated) code 'GSL' for a 12%...
1 year ago - 153,231 views
DIY Computer Desk Under $40 (PHP 2000)
Today I'm doing a full tutorial on how to build a solid computer desk! This solid long Computer desk was built using pallet woods which is very cheap ...
6 months ago - 87,700 views
My Gaming Desk Only Cost $100 (Build Your Own)
I get asked about my desk quite a lot and in this video I will answer that question and show how my desk only cost me $100 to build. You can build you...
3 years ago - 683,050 views
Building My Dream Desk - DIY Desk With a Built In Computer
Join me as I build my dream desk. I did my best to pull out all the stops on this project. It's hiding a lot of features including a water-cooled vide...
1 year ago - 539,649 views
Building a spectacular DIY 'desk PC' (it can fold!)
Ever wanted to build a PC into a desk but not known where to start? Well, in this project video I'll be showing you exactly how to build a unique fold...
2 years ago - 3,452,180 views
DIY Dream Desk Setup - 4K Timelapse Video (2018)
All desktop parts: Full list here: ------ Smart Clock Fingerprint Reader Microphone A...
3 years ago - 3,350,383 views
How to build a DIY Desk PC Properly… - TechteamGB
3 years ago I build my DIY Desk PC. Badly. So, I finally got round to doing it right, so here's how to build a DIY Desk PC properly! - Parts - 2700: ....
1 year ago - 11,741 views
2x4 DIY desk | Watch me build an easy desk made from 2x4s | DIY 2x4 Computer desk
Watch me build an easy and cheap computer desk made from 6 2x4s. *NEW, STURDIER VERSION OF THIS DESK HERE: ...
1 year ago - 169,117 views
DIY Computer Desk Under $100 | Build It Better | EP. 02
Today I'm doing a full tutorial on how to build an L-shaped computer desk packed with some extra features! This farmhouse style DIY computer desk is b...
2 years ago - 3,287,577 views
How to Build a MODERN WOOD Desk For Under 100$ | Custom DIY Desk 🎮
Desk Legs. Option A. (Cheaper) Option B. This is how I built my own custom desk, which I use for work ...
1 year ago - 15,148 views
DIY Desk under $50 | DIY Creators
In this video, I will show a way to use cheap lumber to build furniture. You can create an awesome desk like this for your space. GET PAID TO SHOP AT ...
1 year ago - 1,931,602 views
How To Make A Modern Desk
How To Make A Clean Modern Desk: Plans Subscribe: For more awesome DIY videos This Video is sponsored by .....
4 years ago - 1,917,919 views
How to make a desk PC for adults (DIY desk PC)
The story of how I made the 'Magnificent desk PC'. #DeskPC #DIY #DIYdeskPC Patreon: Facebook: ...
4 years ago - 2,515,501 views
How to make a standing desk PC (DIY desk PC)
Yet another desk PC build - I guess I just can't stop making these ;) I know the video is a little bit on the longer side, but making a standing desk ...
1 year ago - 56,881 views
DIY - The CLEANEST desk set-up/build ever! Space saver hidden storage and wireless charging!
MinimalistStandingDeskSetUp, #CleanestStaningDeskSetUp, #cablemanagement Echogear Power Bar: Seneo Wireless Charger ...
1 year ago - 34,676 views
Wooden Desktop PC Drawer - Version 1.0
SHOWCASE AT: 07:52 DISCLAIMER: This is just a prototype! Final version coming end of 2020. You'll be able to buy the drawer and mount it under any des...
1 year ago - 2,164,134 views
Building the Ultimate Computer Desk - Part 1
I decided to undertake the project of building a new computer desk. So I took the opportunity to include all of the features that I thought would make...
7 years ago - 1,314,901 views
DIY Gaming Desk Using Basic Tools + Plans and Details
September 2017 when I started to build this budget gaming table with the help of my brother. Today I want to share this to you and to those who want t...
3 years ago - 2,713,065 views
Ultimate DIY Desk PC - THE FINALE
Thanks to Intel for sponsoring this video. Check out their processors and SSDs at the links below!! It's done. It's finished. It's.. beautiful.. But d...
5 years ago - 2,567,186 views
DIY Computer Desk
Today I'm doing a build of a computer desk! This farmhouse style DIY computer desk is built completely out of readily available wood from any big box ...
1 year ago - 5,301 views
A Minimal Floating Desk (Part 1)
Clutter-free office. Deep focus. NO RGB. 00:00 Overview 00:34 Building 01:34 Cleaning up office 01:47 Join boards 02:08 Level 03:40 Stain and finish 0...
1 year ago - 141,918 views

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