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Directors Desk | NASDAQ OMX Directors Desk
Directors Desk helps board members keep on top of their duties in the board room and on the go. Directors Desk is a paperless boardroom for effective ...
8 years ago - 11,514 views
What Your Boss Can TRACK About YOU with Microsoft Teams
Does Microsoft Teams track your working hours? Many of us use Microsoft Teams while working remotely. But did you ever wonder what your BOSS can TRACK...
8 months ago - 2,571,554 views
Cyber Security How to Stay Safe While Working from Home
A Digital Business Solutions webinar for small businesses. Is your business at risk of being attacked by cyber criminals ? The statistics say yes. On ...
10 months ago - 33 views
BoardPaq Overview
An overview of the BoardPaq paperless board meeting application.
7 years ago - 5,247 views
Using encryption to protect sources and secrets
Runa Sandvik, Freedom of the Press A talk at Kaspersky Lab's Security Analyst Summit #TheSAS2015.
6 years ago - 1,191 views
Securing Communications: Inside and Outside the Boardroom
About The Webinar Directors use free email platforms to communicate because it's easy and convenient, but in doing so, they are putting valuable compa...
4 years ago - 174 views
How Employers Could Be Spying On You While Working From Home
Some managers and CEOs are turning to "productivity management" software to track their employees while they work from home. How do systems like this ...
1 year ago - 976,910 views
Live Hacking Demo and Practical Guidance for Financial Services Firms
Duff & Phelps and Kroll, a division of Duff & Phelps, recently hosted an interactive live hacking demo with experts from our Cyber Risk practice. They...
10 months ago - 142 views
Humanity - Aaron Perkins - Telling Stories: The Key to Getting Funding for your Security Program
Having been in the cybersecurity space for going on five years, there is one element that many security practitioners at virtually every level seem to...
11 months ago - 27 views
Connect University: Advanced Registration System
With Advanced Registration System it's easier to register new volunteers with a customizable registration. Manage forms, compliance forms, donation re...
4 years ago - 351 views
Quick tips to create an effective remote access plan for your organization.
In this webinar, you'll learn: - Specific challenges that your IT teams face while working remotely during the COVID-19 crisis - Cybersecurity implica...
1 year ago - 242 views
CSOHIMSS August Lunch & Learn: Privacy and Security in a HealthCare
The CSOHIMSS Lunch & Learn webinar for August 2016, titled "Privacy and Security in a HealthCare - What you need to know." Presented by John DiMaggio,...
5 years ago - 15 views
Conducting a Library Facility Security Assessment
Most library staff think you need to hire an expensive security consultant to conduct a site security assessment of their facilities. While it's true ...
3 years ago - 591 views
Securing Applications using WSO2 Identity Server and Casque, WSO2 Webinar
Although Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is considered a strong authentication mechanism, all existing MFA methods are vulnerable because they are b...
2 years ago - 535 views
Workflow From Home: Ep 9 - Resolve Remote Grading
In Episode 9 of “Workflow From Home,” Michael Cioni steps you through the process of setting up a realtime remote color grading session, enabled b...
1 year ago - 10,248 views
Always Place A Bag On Your Car Mirror When Traveling Alone, Here’s Why !
Always Place A Bag On Your Car Mirror When Traveling Alone, Here's Why Yes, you may know how to operate your vehicle. You may haven't even read your ....
3 months ago - 700,920 views
SMP-meetings - a mobile solution for secure document distribution
Do you attend meetings where the information to be communicated is too sensitive to distribute digitally via e-mail or other online services? Manageme...
8 years ago - 261 views
School Board Closed Session & Work Session - August 5, 2021
School Board Closed Session & Work Session - August 5, 2021.
2 months ago - 665 views
CCGC workshop for Board Members on Cyber Security and Risk Governance - Session 3
IIM Bangalore's Centre for Corporate Governance and Citizenship (CCGC) hosted an online workshop for Board Members on Cyber Security and Risk ...
7 months ago - 138 views
Diligent Boardbooks for the iPad
The Diligent Boardbooks app allows directors to easily sync and view board materials by board or committee, readily access annotation and voting items...
7 years ago - 18,441 views
DEF CON 8 - Chris Goggans - Lotus Notes/Domino Security
Chris Goggans - Lotus Notes/Domino Security This session will cover security vulnerabilties and common misconfigurations in Lotus Notes and Domino ser...
8 years ago - 1,001 views
How to use google classroom in PC/Laptop in Hindi/Urdu/Google classroom tutorial 2020
How to use google classroom on android phone? In this video i'm going to show you how to use google ...
1 year ago - 95,355 views
Joint Public Hearing: On the impact of COVID-19 on minority communities - 05/18/20
Joint Public Hearing: Exploring solutions to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on minority communities.
1 year ago - 666 views
November 2018 Assessment Director Meeting
November 15, 2018.
3 years ago - 53 views
How do scammers steal money from bank accounts | Ethical Hacker - Gopikrishna
How do scammers steal money from bank accounts | Ethical Hacker - Gopikrishna ------------------------------------------------------------------------...
12 months ago - 22,180 views
BSides DC 2019 - Signing your code the easy way
Dive into code signing and learn why you want to be attaching signatures to your code and how to quickly and securely incorporate code signing into yo...
2 years ago - 117 views
Cybersecurity: Is your board leading by example?
Cyber-risk continues to be a major concern for the boards of UK & Irish companies. In fact, ICSA's latest Boardroom Bellwether study, which canvasses ...
5 years ago - 458 views
The New Normal: Cybersecurity in a Covid-free, Malware-free Judiciary
Webinar on The New Normal: Cybersecurity in a Covid-free, Malware-free Judiciary May 12, 2020 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM.
1 year ago - 7,115 views

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