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How to Make a Desk with Hidden Wireless Charging
I partnered with Minwax and Lincoln Electric to build a desk with hidden wireless charging. I used woodworking and metalworking on this project with a...
3 years ago - views
DIY Behind Sofa Table with Outlets
DIY Behind Sofa Table with Outlets Have you ever had one of those moments when you are resting on the sofa and your phone goes dead? Or you don't have...
4 years ago - views
How I added a USB/Electrical outlets to a pair of nightstands
I recently saw a woodworker installing these USB outlets on Instagram and thought it was a great idea........ In this video I show how I added a USB/E...
3 years ago - views
How to Build a Skinny Sofa Table With Outlet and Dovetail Ends DIY
Need a place to put your drink and charge your phone while watching movies with the family? Just build yourself a DIY skinny sofa table (or narrow con...
1 year ago - views
Modern DIY Desk with Hidden Cable Management
Get the Plans here: Thank you to Woodcraft and JET for spons...
1 year ago - views
Desk Cable Management Hacks (Under $50)
Looking for some easy and affordable desk cable management hacks? Then this video is for you! I am walking you through step by step how I did my cable...
22 hours ago - views
TikTok Amazon Must Haves - Office Edition November 2020 #amazondfinds
Hi Babes Here is a TikTok compilation of Amazon finds to make your workspace more efficient, motivating and aesthetically pleasing to work in. Enjoy! ...
11 months ago - views
Turn any DRAWER into a Charging Station | Drawer organization
In this video, I will show How to turn a drawer into a Device Charging Station. Sponsor of this video: Have your HVAC Filters show up when it's time t...
2 years ago - views
Building a Behind the Couch Table with an Integrated Power Outlet
This is my third commissioned build and I think it turned out great! If you want to commission a custom build, shoot me an email at [email protected]
2 years ago - views
I can't be the only one who let's their desk get gross..
Judgy McJudge face Get Private Internet Access Today for 83% off, 2 months free and a 30 day money back Guarantee! Free Plex Acco...
5 days ago - views
Making a Beautiful Led Lit Wood and Epoxy Resin Gaming Desk
Wow this build was fun I how you enjoyed it as well. What did you think of the color combo? What colors would you have gone with? What woods would you...
2 years ago - views
Pop Up Socket Kitchen Worktop Installation | The Carpenter's Daughter
Here's how I installed a pop-up plug socket in a kitchen worktop made of laminate wood in our utility. Please note this hole saw would NOT work with g...
1 year ago - views
Best Laptop Setups Ep. 12 // The Epic Desk Tour!
The Best Laptop Setups Episode 12. Featuring an incredible desk setup tour that I think a lot of people are going to love. Gaming setups, clean setups...
2 days ago - views
DIY Wall Mounted Dream Desk
Add some awesome artwork to your wall from my friends at Displate. Use my Promo code DIY20 for 20% off everything.
3 years ago - views
DIY Farmhouse Desk for $35
I love the look of my new rustic desk. Gives my living room some farmhouse charm without breaking the bank. This was a fun build and not to hard.
3 years ago - views
Ikea Micke desk - big enough?
Ikea Micke - is the desk big enough for you? Will you manage to put a multimedia keyboard and 21" monitor on it? Isn't the desktop too narrow for both...
3 years ago - views
Costco! White Writing desk that looks like a huge iPhone $149!
Ok i saw this desk at costco and thought it was a big touch screen or huge iPhone. But it wasnt. Its just a white wooden desk with a black glass inser...
4 years ago - views
These are the WORST things you could do for your PC...
We always tell you what you should do with your computers... today we are going to tell you what you should NEVER do... This is just my opinion of cou...
1 year ago - views
How to Assemble Global Industrial Office Partition Panels with Electric Raceway
Interion™ Standard Partition Panels with Powered and Non-Powered Base Office Partitions With Wire Management Raceways offer Electrical Capabilities ...
11 years ago - views
How to Hide TV Wires On a Wall & Desk Cable Management | The Home Depot
Exposed wires are an unsightly distraction that can make your home and office look disorganized. This DIY Workshop shows you how to camouflage compute...
4 years ago - views
Simple House Upgrades | Plug + Light Switch Replacement
I'm starting a new playlist with all the simple house upgrades I've shared here on YouTube! In this video, I'm sharing WHY and how to replace plugs an...
2 years ago - views
3 creative ways to hide tech devices and wires
Interior designer, Nike Onile gives us ways and ideas for hiding tech wires and devices, such as printers and extension cords by simply putting them i...
5 years ago - views
VAULT series power management is our original design, it serves globally with any type of national electrical standard required, and integrates with l...
9 years ago - views
Install a USB wall socket
Sharon Vaknin shows you how to install an outlet that includes two USB ports for charging your mobile devices.
10 years ago - views
DIY end table with hidden charging station for multiple devices - Anikas DIY Life
DIY end table with hidden charging station tutorial - Learn how to build a DIY End Table with a hidden charging station. Say goodbye to the wire clutt...
2 years ago - views
Are extension cords dangerous for Computers?
People often say that using too many extension cords is a bad idea... but how long is TOO long?? Well we found out... Thank you to CableMod for sponso...
2 years ago - views
Prep With Me! | Classroom Vlog | Life of a Teacher
Join Flexispot Spin&Win to win Standiverary gift from Sep. 20-30th, 2021. 100% winning rate! Spin&Win link for US site: Spin&Wi...
2 days ago - views
Desk recessed power socket SOFT
Check how to mount desk recessed power socket SOFT
2 years ago - views
How to Remove Wood Plugs on Wood Chairs : Wood Furniture
Subscribe Now: Watch More: ...
9 years ago - views

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