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Daylight™ PL Desk Lamp In Black & White
Available in both black and white. This lamp is perfect for drawing or writing at a desk. The multi angle headjoint allows you to position the light e...
7 years ago - 7,989 views
Needlite Daylight Desk Lamp Review
Needlite daylight desk lamp provides the user with efficient work light and much-needed daylight at the same time. It's designed in Denmark and looks ...
4 years ago - 329 views
Daylight Naturalight 21 LED Desk Table Lamp D/EN1120 White & Brushed Metal VGC
Daylight Naturalight 21 LED Desk Table Lamp D/EN1120 White & Brushed Metal VGC Bytheseain_Wales eBay UK.
3 years ago - 46 views
Daylight Slimline LED Floor & Table/Desk Lamps | Perfect for Tattoo Studios
The Daylight Slimline LED Floor & Table/Desk Lamps are perfect for lighting up your work areas. The lights give you true colour matching, so you will ...
3 years ago - 6,729 views
The Daylight Company | Slimline Led Desk lamp | Acrylic Nails
So this was a requested video of the daylight lamp I get sent to review from This is the slimline led lamp and it's abs...
5 years ago - 1,284 views
Daylight™ iQ Magnifier
The iQ Magnifier LED Lamp with its modern, sleek ergonomic design has a large 1.75x crystal clear lens and 60 ultra bright daylight LED's for accurate...
7 years ago - 16,624 views
Best Desk Lamps in 2019 - Top 6 Desk Lamps Review
Links to the best desk lamps we listed in today's desk lamp review video: 1. VARIDESK - LED Task Lamp US: CA: ...
2 years ago - 70,040 views
Rexel ActiVita Daylight Strip+ Desk Lamp Ref 4402011 Now Available at
Rexel ActiVita Strip+ Daylight Desk Lamp energises you at your desk! This versatile Daylight lamp brings the benefits of natural sunlight directly int...
2 years ago - 27 views
Light Bulb Buying Guide
You can buy the items featured in the video here: GE Reveal LED: GE HD+ Reveal: GE Reveal General Purpos...
8 years ago - 872,014 views
Intelligently tracks local daylight. Dyson Lightcycle™ task light
Natural light changes colour and intensity throughout the day. And light at odds with this cycle can disrupt your body clock. That's why the Dyson Lig...
1 year ago - 49,363 views
Rexel ActiVita Daylight Pod+ Desk Lamp Ref 4402012 Now Available at
Rexel ActiVita Pod+ Daylight Desk Lamp energises you at your desk! This versatile Daylight lamp brings the benefits of natural sunlight directly into ...
2 years ago - 17 views
Daylight Black Desk Lamp D33041 (Unboxing)
5 years ago - 242 views
This $200 Video Light is Incredible! (Aputure 100D/200D Review)
The new Aputure Amaran 100D and 200D are incredible video LED lights for budget video makers. I put them to the test and discuss why you should or sho...
9 months ago - 275,269 views
Building an artificial sun that looks unbelievably realistic...
In this video we'll be building an artificial SUN! Also, check out for 50% off your first month of any subscription over ...
11 months ago - 1,757,616 views
The Hobby Lamp
In this video we talk about the importance of lighting for miniature painting. Cheaper Option: Fixture:
5 years ago - 57,895 views
TROND Halo 9W C Dimmable Daylight LED Clamp Light Desk Lamp Review
Thanks for watching, subscribe & share ▻▻ Amazon Shop Link: . International Shop Link:
5 years ago - 657 views
BEST LIGHT UNDER $100 - Only Lights I Would Buy
BEST SMART LIGHTS EVER - ($90 on their website) MH PRESETS 2019 PHOTO CHALLENGE - *now over* NEW 2019 CINEMATIC ...
2 years ago - 226,579 views
Top 5 Bedroom Mistakes and How To Fix Them | Lighting | Interior Design
A comfortable and nice atmosphere in your bedroom will improve your sleep. A good bedroom design will transform your whole day into a great one! Did y...
2 years ago - 189,456 views
How to Borrow Natural Light - An Architect's Strategy Guide
In this video I discuss natural daylighting strategies anyone can take advantage of. I begin with a short history lesson which describes how daylighti...
6 years ago - 389,837 views
Lume Cube Panel Mini // My SUPER SECRET Lighting Hack with a SMALL LIGHT!
Use this cool technique to turn any small portable LED light into a big key light! Get the Lume Cube Panel Mini: GEAR MENTIONED ...
1 year ago - 144,065 views
Philips Hue is a RIPOFF
Check out the Thermaltake A500 case on Amazon at Check out the available positions at Memory Express at Fin...
3 years ago - 3,972,714 views
Best Desk Lamps in 2018 - Which Is The Best Desk Lamp?
Links to the Desk Lamps we mentioned in this video: ▻ 5. Lighting EVER Lamp - ▻ 4. Youkoyi A16 - ...
3 years ago - 36,726 views
5 Things I Wish I Knew About Planted Aquarium Lighting
Check out my 5 helpful beginner tips on how to choose and use your planted aquarium lights. SUBSCRIBE so you won't miss my latest video: ...
2 years ago - 154,887 views
These Desk Lamps are My Secret Desktop Zoom Lights | Xiami Mi LED Desk Lamp Unboxing
I unbox the #Xiaomi Mi LED Desk #Lamp and talk about why its been very good for Zoom meetings, and desktop studio lights while stuck at home.
1 year ago - 13,849 views
Look Better on Video Calls With These Easy Lighting Tips
Looking good on camera isn't always easy. That's why there are professional photographers and videographers out there with lighting gear in tow. When ...
1 year ago - 90,681 views
Turning Smashed TVs into Realistic Artificial Daylight
Visit to get 2 months of Skillshare for FREE In this video I'll be showing you how to take old/smashed TVs and computer monito...
2 years ago - 2,760,794 views
Review: BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp - Good for scale modellers?
A few weeks ago BenQ contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in trying their new WiT e-Reading lamp, which they believed could be good for scale ....
1 month ago - 1,138 views
Introduction to Light | Physics | Don't Memorise
How do we humans perceive the things around us? What is Light? What helps us with the sense of sight? Watch this video to know more! To learn more abo...
4 years ago - 345,594 views
5 Best Smart Light Bulbs You Can Buy In 2020
BUY NOW⬇⬇ 5️⃣TP-Link Smart Bulbs ▻Amazon US : ▻Amazon CA : ▻Amazon UK ...
1 year ago - 2,301 views
10 Coolest ROOM GADGETS That Are Worth Buying
Today's set is full of useful gadgets for your dwelling. Some of them look like a cloud, some are ready to pop out of the wall, some will charge your ...
1 year ago - 1,292,375 views

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