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Computer Desk Keyboard to Drawer Conversion
The keyboard drawer on the desk I made for Dana 20 years ago had broken. Her daughter now uses it everyday for virtual school. I converted the keyboar...
10 months ago - 328 views
I BUILT A sliding keyboard tray / Simplicity Sundays / DIY
After having continuous shoulder and back pain, I figured out it was due to not sitting ergonomically correct at my desk. I found my arm was lying way...
1 year ago - 11,267 views
Build a Keyboard Tray with Reclaimed Hardware | DIY | Easy Desk Upgrade
Want to support the channel? Here's what you can do: - Subscribe to the channel - Hit that Like button - Leave a comment - Amazon Affiliate: ...
2 years ago - 50,145 views
The Ergonomics Guy - Do You Really Need That Keyboard Tray?
The Ergonomics Guy talks about the pros and cons of keyboard trays. Check it out!
8 years ago - 83,862 views
Making a flip front drawer
I'm taking a regular dresser drawer and reworking the front so the face folds down. Woodwork. Here's a link to the type of hinges I used: http://amzn....
6 years ago - 15,735 views
Digital Piano/Midi Keyboard Desk Tray - How I Made Mine!
Please Comment Below! I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions, and suggestions. L Brackets ...
9 months ago - 14,028 views
Top 7 Problems and Solutions For Computer Keyboard Trays
Read Full Top 7 Keyboard Tray Problems Post: In this video, Greg will go over the top 7 problems with computer keyboard trays.
3 years ago - 42,370 views
How To Install A Sliding Drawer Under a Desk
This video shows how to install a sliding drawer under a desk. In this case it's a sliding shelf to hold a MIDI keyboard. This principle would apply i...
1 year ago - 16,220 views
CHEAP DIY Home Studio Desk Drawer Tray for MIDI Keyboard Controller Home Studio - Improve Workflow!
1 year ago - 2,509 views
Gat Creek Oxford Desk Dropdown Keyboard Drawer
The Gat Creek Oxford Desk system includes keyboard drawers with dropdown fronts and smooth side mounted ball bearing drawer glides. This configuration...
1 year ago - 1,187 views
DIY Computer Desk Drawer Hinge Fix
Keyboard desk pull out drawer hinge fix.
3 years ago - 4,676 views
How to Attach the Keyboard Drawer to your Custom Oak Computer Desk
How to Attach the Keyboard Drawer to your Custom Oak Computer Desk. Part of the series: How to Build a Custom Computer Desk. Learn how to attach the ....
6 years ago - 46,899 views
How to improve your gaming set-up. DIY Gaming Keyboard Drawer.
Just a little assembly of all the pcs. and attached. As simple as that. But the way it looks is amazing on my set-up. Please find another gaming set-u...
3 years ago - 29,368 views
Custom Desk with Keyboard Drawer
Use TotalBoat epoxy for all of your epoxy needs. Try my personal discount code dcboatTB at check-out to save some green. Starbond .....
9 months ago - 1,891 views
Keyboard tray rail removal
This short clip shows how to remove the inner rail from the outer rail, in order to access mounting holes that are sometimes hidden behind the outer r...
3 years ago - 35,504 views
Making the Keyboard Tray Brackets For My Computer Desk
This is a detail video on making the tray supports for my new computer desk. The full build video will be up on my main channel this weekend. You can ...
5 years ago - 13,034 views
How to : Make a keyboard tray out of a desk drawer
Make a keyboard tray out of a desk drawer You have just purchased your new desktop computer and you beefed it up with the latest specs you wanted. You...
3 years ago - 660 views
Sliding Keyboard Tray - Under Desk - Height Adjustable
Sliding Keyboard Tray - Under Desk - Height Adjustable IN: (affiliate links) US: UK:
10 months ago - 3,707 views
How to repair computer keyboard sliding Tray | Every one computer problem |
Link to buy :- Godrej Telescopic iron Channel 500 mm (20 Inches, Nickel Colour) A to Z Fitji Fire Telescopic Ball Bearing Prem...
1 year ago - 20,817 views
Under Desk Keyboard Drawer with Mouse Platform | Assembly (MI-7136)
Get it on: Amazon: Our website: ...
2 years ago - 4,245 views
How to Assemble The Fellowes Underdesk Keyboard Drawer-Office Suites
Thanks for making your work space more comfortable with Fellowes. The Fellowes Underdesk Keyboard Drawer is easy to assemble. Please follow these ...
2 years ago - 18,981 views
Slide out Desk Top
DIY Maybe Slide out Desk Top.
4 years ago - 45,763 views
What Happens to Your Body If You Use A Standing Desk Everyday for 6 Months
"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: What Happens to Your Body If You Use A Standing Desk Everyday for 6 Months ...
3 years ago - 120,421 views
How to make a desk PC from IKEA MICKE desk - probably the cheapest DIY desk PC
AMD Ryzen 1800X powered desk PC conversion guide. Music by Joakim Karud CPU: Cooler: ...
4 years ago - 913,531 views
Keyboard Tray Installation Ergonomic Keyboard Drawer Instructions
09:32 Ergonomic Keyboard Tray - Articulating Keyboard Arm installation instructions for mounting keyboards on an...
12 years ago - 79,274 views
DIY Floating Keyboard - Music Studio Desk Hacks
Check out my gear on Kit: DIY Floating Keyboard - Music Studio Desk Hacks A quick little DIY video... I recently came up ...
3 years ago - 46,439 views
Home Studio Desk with Piano Shelf!
I built this custom Piano Desk for my brother and his girlfriend. It can be used a computer desk or a piano stand. It was a lot of fun to make and I t...
4 years ago - 76,347 views
DIY Sliding Midi Keyboard desk Tutorial MOVABLE KEYBOARD!
Found myself constantly setting up & then putting away my equipment. A quick and easy life hack for those musicians and artists looking for an easier ...
4 years ago - 69,786 views
How to fix a broken keyboard drawer
Matt Janacone shows you how to fix a slipping drawer slide. Visit my site:
8 years ago - 14,833 views

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