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DIY Desk under $50 | DIY Creators
In this video, I will show a way to use cheap lumber to build furniture. You can create an awesome desk like this for your space. GET PAID TO SHOP AT ...
1 year ago - 1,923,431 views
How to Build an Epic Work Desk for Under $75 | Custom All Wood Desktop
Step by step guide on how to build this custom all wood desk for computers, studying, work bench, whatever you need. And how to do it for under $75. H...
2 years ago - 639,226 views
Build a Super CHEAP and EASY DIY Desk!
In this video we'll build a very cheap and easy desk. This video is meant for anyone beginning woodworking and looking for an easy project, or a basic...
5 years ago - 1,388,657 views
DIY Rustic Desk Build (Staining & Paint Technique)
We wanted to build our own custom pine wood desk top DIY style. We also wanted it to look old, since we like a rustic look in general. This is just on...
1 year ago - 163,107 views
How to get an INSANE Desk Setup for UNDER $100 from Ikea!
BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO FOLLOW MANY MORE SETUP UPDATES! Today I wanted to set down and show you, how you can Create a EPIC Stream Setup, ...
2 years ago - 442,084 views
The BEST DESK For Your PC Gaming Setup!
This is the BEST PC Gaming Desk I've ever used for my Gaming Setup! Make 2020 the year you go big, and take your Desk Setup to the next level! My desk...
1 year ago - 560,558 views
How to Build a EPIC Desk Setup With A Budget in 2020!
Today we sit down and talk about My INSANE Desk Setup, and how YOU Can Build a EPIC Custom Desk Today on a Budget or Not! TABLE TOPS: ...
1 year ago - 33,491 views
Building a Minimalist IKEA Desk Setup (2021)
My IKEA desk setup for a modern and minimalist home office desk in 2021. This is a great desk setup for students or if you are on a budget. Products f...
1 year ago - 537,289 views
How to Build an Easy DIY Desk for $40!!
Grab the plans, materials list, cut list, and details on this project here: This SUPER easy DIY ...
1 year ago - 76,974 views
My Gaming Desk Only Cost $100 (Build Your Own)
I get asked about my desk quite a lot and in this video I will answer that question and show how my desk only cost me $100 to build. You can build you...
3 years ago - 681,563 views
The Cheapest Motorized DIY Standing Desk On Amazon
If you're a do-it-yourselfer on a budget and are looking to upgrade to a motorized standing desk, you should consider one of the many electric standin...
8 months ago - 242,123 views
Hey everyone! I wanted to share a super, cheap, and (hopefully) helpful video showing you how my husband and I built our DIY long rustic computer desk...
2 years ago - 94,523 views
DIY Dream Desk Setup - Clean Modern Wood Design
A clean, minimalistic and ergonomic desk is my DIY dream setup. I think I've pretty much perfected it with this latest build and I'm really pleased wi...
4 years ago - 3,981,204 views
Build Your Own CUSTOM All Wood Desk Top | Custom Desk Tutorial
We are Knocking out another highly requested vid today. I am going to do a full tutorial on how I build my custom all wood Desk top. These solid wood ...
3 years ago - 798,248 views
DIY Modern Writing Desk
In this video I show you how to build a simple modern writing desk that is very cheap. This was something that I needed at the house to work at. It wa...
3 years ago - 515,582 views
I Built My Own Computer Desk (And It Doesn't Suck!)
I built my own L-shaped PC desk... and it doesn't suck! Here's how! SPONSOR: Snag an OEM Windows 10 Pro key and use our (updated) code 'GSL' for a 12%...
1 year ago - 150,418 views
Ikea Board Vs. Real Wood! Which is Stronger? Hydraulic Press Test!
Which is the strongest furniture material? MDF board, "Ikea board/melamine board or somekind of wood board? We will use our 5 ton force sensor and 40 ...
2 years ago - 1,035,484 views
How to make a Plywood Desk with Minimal Tools | Easy Woodworking Project
This week we are building us a desk! It's been a while since we built a piece of furniture for us so it was quite nice. We needed a long desk so the t...
4 years ago - 676,755 views
My IKEA Desk Setup - Your Questions Answered!
Lots of questions about my IKEA desk setup is my breakdown! •Karlby Desktop: •Furniture leg stands: https://amzn...
3 years ago - 1,738,888 views
How To Make A Desk With 1 Sheet Of Plywood | Easy Woodworking Project
In this week's video, we show how we made a desk from one sheet of plywood! The entire desk cost us under $75 to make and features a built-in wireless...
1 year ago - 80,021 views
How To Build a HIGH QUALITY Dining Table with LIMITED TOOLS // #DIY // #Woodworking
I recently got a commission from a local client to build a custom Dining Table top for a set of pre-fabricated steel legs they had previously bought o...
3 years ago - 1,001,114 views
Rustic X Desk
Build your own farmhouse style desk with 2x boards! Free plans:
2 years ago - 187,733 views
Building a Modern Computer Desk
Needed a new desk for the new computer. Walnut and white oak. This is my first video, let me know how I did! Overall Dimensions: 72"W x 23.5"D x 31.5"...
3 years ago - 1,013,818 views
DIY Desk Made out of Plywood and 2x4s
This DIY desk is made out of two sheets of 3/4” plywood and three 2x4s. It only requires a few basic power tools and took us about 3 hours to build....
1 year ago - 85,940 views
DIY. Resin River Table in a Simple Way / RESIN ART
How to make an epoxy table with simple tools. A simple way to make an epoxy table. Support/JOIN ...
2 years ago - 2,832,543 views
Easy-to-build DIY DESKS | 3 Options that can be built in under 2 hours #StayHome and build #WithMe
It looks like a lot of us will be working or studying from home for a bit and I thought that some DIY Desk designs might be helpful. These are easier ...
1 year ago - 117,424 views
IKEA Gaming Desk Setup
IKEA Gaming Desk Setup Building the ULTIMATE Home Office & Gaming Desk Setup - Ikea Desk Hack The building of my ultimate Gaming Desk and setup.
2 years ago - 439,833 views
DIY Construction Lumber Desk for $50 in Materials | #rocklerdeskchallenge
Today on Modern Builds I'm building a DIY desk out of 2x4's and 4x4 legs for under $50. This is my entry into the#rocklerdesckchallenge, more info bel...
11 months ago - 168,405 views
How To Make A Corner Desk On A Budget | Woodworking
Even though I don't have a shop yet, I still needed to make a decent office desk. In this video I make a corner desk from structural pine and a pre-ma...
4 years ago - 332,499 views
How to make a simple solid wood table top
In this video I make a simple table top out of solid basswood. I planed all my material flat and square and then glued them up with biscuits! Tools an...
2 years ago - 74,995 views

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