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Standing Desks- Stand Up For Fat Loss!
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3 years ago - 42,069 views
What Happens to Your Body If You Use A Standing Desk Everyday for 6 Months
"Famous" Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: What Happens to Your Body If You Use A Standing Desk Everyday for 6 Months ...
3 years ago - 120,421 views
How I burned 18,339 calories in 30 days at my desk
I wanted to find out if I could get additional exercise at my standing desk without feeling like I was actually working out. For 30 days I rode a stan...
2 years ago - 54,879 views
"Sitting is the new smoking!" they tell you. But are standing desks actually a better option? I read dozens of research articles and summarized the cu...
3 years ago - 1,328,495 views
Does A Standing Desk Help You Lose Weight? Find out!
All right, this is the number 1 question I get asked about standing desks. Do standing desks help you lose weight? I'm sorry, there is no silver bulle...
5 years ago - 3,709 views
Burn Calories While Working - Standing Desk by Ergotron
Improve your energy and productivity by standing or sitting as you work. Try standing at your desk with this outstanding Ergotron Workfit-D Sit-Stand ...
9 years ago - 14,408 views
Burn 300+ calories/day playing MMOs! | Standing Desk Video
This is the only "don't do anything and lose weight" method that will ACTUALLY work for you! Full writeup with links to the standing desk I use in thi...
9 years ago - 93,259 views
The health benefits of using a standing desk, burn those calories whilst you work
Your Link to the Shared Videos from Jeff here: Hello and welcome to my channel. In this video, I am sho...
2 years ago - 14 views
5 Surprising Reasons You Need A Standing Desk
Standing desks or sit stand desks are becoming increasingly popular as we start to learn just how bad sitting is for our health and our mental perform...
3 years ago - 463 views
Trying To Lose Weight? That Standing Desk Isn't Helping Much
Sorry, worker bees. Your standing desk may not help much if losing weight is your goal. A University of Pittsburgh study, published this month, found ...
5 years ago - 1,171 views
Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE - Winner of Office Calorie Burn Experiment
Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE test winner on Channel 4's 'How to Lose Weight Well'. BURN CALORIES at home whilst working, reading or binge-watching.
1 year ago - 1,332 views
The Ultimate App for your Sit-Stand Desk: Get ready for the Work Fit Challenge!
What are you sitting around for? How many hours do you sit at your desk? Want to combine your fitness and work activities? Zero Gravity Tables offers ...
2 years ago - 636 views
Weird Ways to Burn 200 Calories
Some wacky ways to burn 200 calories! T-SHIRTS: Subscribe, it's FREE: Follow us!! FACEBOOK: http://on.fb.m...
8 years ago - 11,216,496 views
Every Guy with A Standing Desk @Autonomous
"I'm being productive AND burning calories!" Comedian John Crist imagines the mindset of every person in your office who has a standing desk. This vid...
6 months ago - 356,819 views
Standing Desks Vs Sitting Desks. Which is Healthier?
You've probably seen a co-worker catch up on emails and complete their work while standing at their desk. A commonly believed presumption is that stan...
7 months ago - 17 views
Standing Desk? NO. Why You Need This Instead! - Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Levels | Ep. 7
I got a desk bike. This is my reasoning why I think it's better than a standing desk based on metabolic fitness and what I've learned using my continu...
12 months ago - 7,553 views
Hamster Wheel Standing Desk - Burn Calories! | Two Versions
Great concept for people that need to lose weight or workout. Now you can do that with the hamster wheel inspired standing desk. In this video, you se...
5 years ago - 7,228 views
Benefits of Standing Desks | #ScienceSaturday
Thomas DeLauer breaks down the science behind standing desks and how many times a day you should actually be getting out of your chair on the latest ....
3 years ago - 1,006 views
10 Reasons to Use Standing Desks Phoenix Arizona
Top 10 Reasons to Start Using a MultiTable Standing Desk Burn calories Improve muscle strength Improve focus Increase in productivity by up to 53% Red...
1 week ago - 9 views
Top 7 Health Benefits Of Standing Desks
Read The Best Standing Desks Under $800 Post: ▻ Read The Full Top 8 Mistakes Buying Standing Desks Post:
2 years ago - 4,002 views
Standing Desk Lifting Weight Test - 300lbs + | MojoDesk
We show the lifting capacity of MojoDesk by having both of our owners take a ride. While MojoDesk is rated for 250lbs, this shows approx 330 lbs all t...
1 year ago - 200 views
Adam Ruins Everything - The Problem with Standing Desks (Everyday Ruins) | truTV
When it comes to office work, some say that sitting is the new smoking. But too much standing isn't necessarily the answer either. #truTV #AdamRuins ....
3 years ago - 543,332 views
Are Standing Desks Worth The Investment For Your Health?
We used to sit for hours at the office, now we're sitting for hours at home in worst postures in bed, on the couch, on the floor Is thousands of ringg...
1 year ago - 1,641 views
LifeSpan TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill Review
To check current pricing, click here: To read our full review, click here: ...
1 year ago - 6,164 views
I Rode the Epic FlexiSpot Bike Desk for 2 Weeks
Try the FlexiSpot here! So I rode a desk bike for a few weeks to see if it would help my posture and get me to stand u...
3 years ago - 74,408 views
8 Benefits of Using Standing Desks At Work
8 Benefits of Using Standing Desks At Work #StandingDesksBenefits #HealthTips Majority of the people working tend to have a lot of health complication...
3 years ago - 89 views
Standing Desk Stretches The Pros and Cons of Standing to Work
Standing desk: If you liked this video, please support the channel by hitting "LIKE" and...
3 years ago - 21 views
What Can a Standing Desk Do for You?
I'm going to stray a little from real estate today to talk about one of my favorite things in the workplace: standing desks. I've been a huge proponen...
2 years ago - 17 views
10 Surprisingly interesting facts about a standing desk
This video will show you 10 surprisingly interesting facts about a standing desk. ▻ Like this video? Subscribe ...
12 months ago - 132 views
The E3 Under Desk Exercise Bike by UPLIFT Desk
his product has been discontinued. Shop the world's best standing desk, as rated by Wirecutter and others, here: ...
2 years ago - 2,767 views

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