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DIY Desk under $50 | DIY Creators
In this video, I will show a way to use cheap lumber to build furniture. You can create an awesome desk like this for your space. GET PAID TO SHOP AT ...
1 year ago - 1,930,622 views
How to Build a Desk Top | DIY Desk Top Build | How to Make a Solid Wood Desk Top
In this woodworking video I'll show you how to build a desk top out of solid wood. This DIY desk top build is part of a desk building series where I f...
4 months ago - 25,954 views
How to Build an Epic Work Desk for Under $75 | Custom All Wood Desktop
Step by step guide on how to build this custom all wood desk for computers, studying, work bench, whatever you need. And how to do it for under $75. H...
2 years ago - 643,293 views
How to build and finish a desk top / DIY Table top
In this video I go over how to build a top for a desk but the same process can be used for a table top! How to install C Channel tutorial ...
2 years ago - 1,389,768 views
DIY Rustic Desk Build (Staining & Paint Technique)
We wanted to build our own custom pine wood desk top DIY style. We also wanted it to look old, since we like a rustic look in general. This is just on...
1 year ago - 164,214 views
Build Your Own CUSTOM All Wood Desk Top | Custom Desk Tutorial
We are Knocking out another highly requested vid today. I am going to do a full tutorial on how I build my custom all wood Desk top. These solid wood ...
3 years ago - 799,493 views
Large DIY Desk from Cheap 2x4s: Complete build
In this video I build a desk from 2x4's. Everything including the legs was created from cheap lumber. Join me as I make the slab, the legs and apply t...
1 year ago - 62,063 views
Hey everyone! I wanted to share a super, cheap, and (hopefully) helpful video showing you how my husband and I built our DIY long rustic computer desk...
2 years ago - 94,944 views
DIY - The CLEANEST desk set-up/build ever! Space saver hidden storage and wireless charging!
MinimalistStandingDeskSetUp, #CleanestStaningDeskSetUp, #cablemanagement Echogear Power Bar: Seneo Wireless Charger ...
1 year ago - 34,607 views
click to keep updated on vlogs: I recently moved into my very own house! Check the vlog about that here:
5 years ago - 2,516,120 views
DIY Computer Desk Under $100 | Build It Better | EP. 02
Today I'm doing a full tutorial on how to build an L-shaped computer desk packed with some extra features! This farmhouse style DIY computer desk is b...
2 years ago - 3,286,673 views
The Cheapest Motorized DIY Standing Desk On Amazon
If you're a do-it-yourselfer on a budget and are looking to upgrade to a motorized standing desk, you should consider one of the many electric standin...
8 months ago - 249,192 views
DIY Dream Desk Setup - 4K Timelapse Video (2018)
All desktop parts: Full list here: ------ Smart Clock Fingerprint Reader Microphone A...
3 years ago - 3,349,902 views
Building a Minimalist IKEA Desk Setup (2021)
My IKEA desk setup for a modern and minimalist home office desk in 2021. This is a great desk setup for students or if you are on a budget. Products f...
1 year ago - 543,227 views
5 Best DIY Standing Desk Frames For 2021
Shop VertDesk v3 Series: ▻ Read 5 Best DIY Standing Desk Frames For 2021 Blog: ▻ Read The Full DIY St...
4 months ago - 5,820 views
2x4 DIY desk | Watch me build an easy desk made from 2x4s | DIY 2x4 Computer desk
Watch me build an easy and cheap computer desk made from 6 2x4s. *NEW, STURDIER VERSION OF THIS DESK HERE: ...
1 year ago - 168,998 views
Modern DIY Desk with Hidden Cable Management
Get the Plans here: Thank you to Woodcraft and JET for spons...
1 year ago - 769,123 views
DIY Desk with hidden laptop storage using reclaimed pallet wood - How to make
In this video I build a desk with hidden laptop storage and a hidden power strip compartment using reclaimed pallet wood. Check out and Subscribe to m...
3 years ago - 1,017,973 views
How to make a Plywood Desk with Minimal Tools | Easy Woodworking Project
This week we are building us a desk! It's been a while since we built a piece of furniture for us so it was quite nice. We needed a long desk so the t...
4 years ago - 677,527 views
My Gaming Desk Only Cost $100 (Build Your Own)
I get asked about my desk quite a lot and in this video I will answer that question and show how my desk only cost me $100 to build. You can build you...
3 years ago - 682,859 views
Build a Super CHEAP and EASY DIY Desk!
In this video we'll build a very cheap and easy desk. This video is meant for anyone beginning woodworking and looking for an easy project, or a basic...
5 years ago - 1,392,461 views
This project was such a success I LOVEE IT. If you are looking to save some money and customize your work space I'm here for you ! Check out this vide...
3 years ago - 4,581 views
Building My Dream Desk - DIY Desk With a Built In Computer
Join me as I build my dream desk. I did my best to pull out all the stops on this project. It's hiding a lot of features including a water-cooled vide...
1 year ago - 539,157 views
IKEA Hack - Desk Top Build DIY Under $20
How to build an IKEA inspired desk top based off their Linnmon line. Yup, that's simple and easy. The wife wanted to go to IKEA. She had been wanting ...
3 years ago - 46,501 views
DIY Home Office and Desk Tour — Work From Home Setup
Working from home? How to set up your work from home office. Check out my 2020 update We all need a space where we can .....
3 years ago - 8,778,214 views
How to Build an Easy DIY Desk for $40!!
Grab the plans, materials list, cut list, and details on this project here: This SUPER easy DIY ...
1 year ago - 77,861 views
The MODERN Home Office Setup – DIY Transformation + Desk Tour 2021
Now that working from home is more important than ever, I'll take you through my dream DIY transformation of my own home office workspace, how I set u...
9 months ago - 1,258,569 views
Ultimate DIY Desk PC - Desk Construction
It's another father-son project.. An affordable (and awesome) desk PC.. where my dad does pretty much all of the work! Don't worry I'll actually help ...
5 years ago - 3,361,982 views
Building Office Furniture Set | DIY Computer Desk and File Cabinet | 自制电脑桌
Building Office Furniture Set | DIY Computer Desk and File Cabinet | 自制电脑桌 Our newly remodeled office needed more office furniture, so my wi...
1 year ago - 322,777 views
I Built a Completely Customized Standing Desk (and it’s epic!)
It was time to up the production on Pro Home Cooks, so I've busted out of my apartment and got myself an official kitchen studio. The only issue is, I...
2 years ago - 738,746 views

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