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Top Ergonomic Chairs For 2021 (AVOID Cheap Chairs)
These are the 11 best ergonomic office chairs for 2021 that we have tested at BTODtv. After more than 1000 of hours testing we are confident in our pi...
8 months ago - 199,989 views
The Best Chair for Programmers... (as an ex-Google tech lead) | Aeron vs Embody, Steelcase, Hyken...
Ex-Google TechLead finds the top office chair for software engineers. Join ex-Google/ex-Facebook engineers for my coding interview training: ...
8 months ago - 662,653 views
7 Tips For Sitting Posture (At A Desk)
Proper sitting posture at a desk tips. Use these tips when you sit at work, to fix your posture and get out of back pain. Get 3 Exercises to fix your ...
7 months ago - 26,241 views
Best Chair for Posture | Top 5 Best Posture Chairs for the Office
Looking for the best chair for posture? Check out our top 5! Links to the posture chairs in this video: 1. Herman Miller Embody Chair https://amzn.t...
2 years ago - 8,011 views
How to Sit Properly to Decrease Back and Neck Pain. Posture Perfect
Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck discuss the proper ways to sit so as to decrease back and neck pain issues. Make sure to like ...
6 years ago - 448,603 views
Trying a KNEELING CHAIR from Amazon | best ergonomic chair for posture??
Instagram made me do it...AGAIN. I'm trying out a kneeling chair that is supposed to be great for posture. Also known as an ergonomic chair. Since thi...
6 months ago - 7,865 views
5 Ways You're Sitting Wrong at Your Desk - Computer Desk Setup Ergonomics
Here are 5 ways I've improved my computer desk ergonomics. Sitting at my desk used to be a painful experience. My wrists, back, and legs would all ach...
4 years ago - 1,865,507 views
Posture Therapist Explains How To Adjust Your Office Chair | Get The Best Of Your Ergo Swivel Chair
So many people don't know adjust their ergonomic office chair! They don't know about the controls, knobs, levers, functionalities... and their get low...
11 months ago - 6,671 views
Best Sit Stand Chairs for Your Posture Unveiled (Standing Desk Chairs)
Click here to see and compare all of the standing desk chairs at a glance: ...
4 years ago - 9,248 views
ERGONOMIC DESK SETUP - My Best Posture Hacks
In this video I share all the products I use to maintain good posture and habits while I work! As a full time content creator I spend a LOT of time at...
1 year ago - 2,898 views
STOP Neck & Back Pain at Your Desk, Plus Getting Perfect Posture!
STOP Neck & Back Pain at Your Desk, Plus Getting Perfect Posture! Bob & Brad demonstrate how fixing your posture may help your back and neck pain.
2 years ago - 58,595 views
Top 5 Best Office Chairs For Good Posture in 2020
In this slideshow, we listed the top 5 best office chairs for good posture. This list was created based on overall price, quality, durability, and our...
2 years ago - 261 views
Comparing your posture on a conventional seat - and on a Bambach Saddle Seat
We all slouch in conventional chairs, and it's a well-documented fact that slouching while sitting is bad for you. The Bambach Saddle Seat can minimis...
8 years ago - 15,565 views
Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Review - Is It Worth It For Your Sitting Posture And Comfort At Work?
Kneeling chairs (also sometimes called Swedish chairs e.g., Varier Balans) are back in fashion, despite all their ergonomic drawbacks: - excessive lor...
1 year ago - 39,621 views
Best office chair discussed by Irvine Posture Chiropractor
Is your office chair giving you back pain? Dr. Shakib from Irvine Spine and Wellness Center is the Irvine Chiropractor nearby with a pain and posture ...
12 months ago - 3,424 views
Best 5 chairs to improve your posture
Autonomous Kinn Chair Ergonomic chairs don't just improve your health. They're also more comfortable than plain old office chairs. The Autonomous Kinn...
2 years ago - 538 views
What's the Best Chair for Posture? (Egoscue Therapists Discuss Fixing Your Posture for the Chair)
Just what is the best chair for posture? If you've been looking for the best ergonomic chair, the best office chair, or even the best gaming chair, ha...
7 months ago - 150 views
Office, Ergonomic, Gaming and Posture Correction Chair | Amazon Trending Products
Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair – Exercise Stability Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair for Home and Office Desk with Air Pump, Exercise Guide and ....
5 months ago - 50 views
Best Chair For Posture To Buy In 2021
Best Chair For Posture To Buy In 2021 List Mentioned In The Video With Amazon Product Link to Buy : ▻ Herman Miller Embody Chair ...
3 weeks ago - 3 views
An Office Chair That Promotes Better Posture
Office workers have been warned about the dangers of sitting. Focal Upright Furniture CEO Martin Keen discusses how his chairs may improve posture and...
7 years ago - 9,802 views
Best posture for sitting: why the torso is forward and the pelvis against the chair backrest...
Many white collar and office workers have back pain because they sit too much. Of course, you can buy a sit stand desk... but if you don't know how to...
9 months ago - 2,300 views
Expert Chiropractor Dr. Chance Moore Shows How To Fix Poor Office Posture
Watch and Learn as Our Chiropractor Explains Proper Posture In this video, our Chiropractor, Chance Moore, explains proper posture. Three very simple ...
10 years ago - 58,470 views
Improve Your Sitting Posture | Ergonomic Setup | ErgoChair 2 Review
Shop the Autonomous ErgoChair 2 at ------------------ Looking for an easy way to stay healthy and avoid that sitting down blues...
1 year ago - 21,038 views
Sit Upright on the best office chair SpinaliS for upright posture
Sitting Comparison, here you can see how it works when you sit in SpinaliS Chair vs. any other chair with a fixed seat. Active sitting on SpinaliS cha...
1 month ago - 17 views
4 Office Posture Exercises
Do these throughout your work day to avoid pain and stiffness Get 3 Exercises to fix your posture here: Check out our article o...
1 year ago - 86,669 views
Ergonomics Explained | Proper Office Posture
Ergonomics explained - how to relieve that nagging neck and back pain and get the ideal office posture. Tune into the full episode here: ...
11 months ago - 2,411 views
Best Chair for Posture - 2020
Are you looking for the Best Chair for Posture. We spent hours to find out the Best Chair for Posture for you and create a review video. In this video...
4 years ago - 137 views
Neutral Posture 8000 Office Chair Features
Read The Best Office Chairs for 2021: In this video, you'll see all the features of the Neutral Posture NP8000 Office Chair. ▻...
3 months ago - 513 views
Neutral Posture XSM Office Chair Features
Read The Best Office Chairs for 2020: In this video, you'll see all the features of the Neutral Posture XSM office chair. ▻ BT...
11 months ago - 559 views
Ergo-Task Fully Loaded Mesh Office Chair with Posture Sprung Seat - Features
Familiarise yourself with the features and functions of the Ergo-Task Fully Loaded Mesh Office Chair with Posture Sprung Seat from Equip4Work with thi...
8 months ago - 104 views

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