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IKEA SKARSTA Sit Stand Desk Review
There are a couple issues with the IKEA SKARSTA desk that you should know about before you get one yourself. The IKEA SKARSTA desk is a height ...
6 years ago - 699,702 views
IKEA Idasen Electric Sit/Stand Desk Review
Read The Full IKEA Idasen Review: ▻ See The Full IKEA Idasen WobbleMeter Results: ▻ See Our 95+ Standi...
2 years ago - 194,964 views
I wanted to share a real review of my standing desk, the Ikea Skarsta desk. One of the things I didn't splurge on was this desk, and I wanted to share...
12 months ago - 41,015 views
IKEA SKARSTA (BEKANT alternative) Sit/Stand Desk Unboxing Assembly & Impressions
The IKEA SKARSTA is a height adjustable sit/standing desk with a turn crank. This is similar to the IKEA BEKANT sit/standing desk but uses electronic ...
6 years ago - 91,860 views
IKEA IDÅSEN Sit Stand Desk Impressions | Creative Review
The IDÅSEN desk is Ikea's most premium Sit/Stand desk. In this video, I'm taking a look at different aspects of the desk such as functionality, quali...
1 year ago - 109,422 views
IKEA Bekant 63" Desk Assembly / Height adjustable Desk (non-motorized)
10:30 → As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. ⭐IKEA Bekant Underframe...
7 months ago - 27,474 views
Adjustable Standing Desk - IKEA Home Tour
The BEKANT standing desk is lightweight, durable and easy to adjust. To raise or lower your desk, simply push a button to make it rise to a comfortabl...
3 years ago - 418,194 views
Assembling the IKEA Sit Stand Desk at PhoneRadar (Bekant Standing Desk)
Find more Tables at Today, We Assemble the New #StandingDesk we bought from #IKEAHyderabad & share the ...
3 years ago - 93,006 views
DIY Motorized Standing Desk - with Ikea Top
Amazon Links Motorized Frame: Arrozi Chair: Recommended: Solid Steel Sleek and St...
2 years ago - 31,038 views
IKEA BEKANT Desk Assembly / Hight adjustable seating Ikea Desk (non-motorised)
How to assemble IKEA BEKANT desk. A detailed tutorial with plenty of details on this IKEA adjustable desk. Ikea BEKANT coming in two parts and dependi...
2 years ago - 194,042 views
IKEA Skarsta's Amazon Dupe: DEVAISE 47.2" Adjustable Standing Desk Review
EDIT: A couple of days after using the desk I flipped it back over and tightened all the screws. Much more stable and a great purchase overall. Quick ...
12 months ago - 1,313 views
IKEA BEKANT Desk (Non-motorized) Height Adjustable Sitting Desk (Modified Tabletop)
A quick review of the IKEA BEKANT desk legs, this version is the non-motorized version of the desk that has an adjustable height for sitting only. The...
5 years ago - 390,586 views
My DIY Custom Wood Stained IKEA Standing Desk!
Get Surfshark VPN at - Enter promo code CREATED for 83% off and 3 extra months for FREE! Making your own standing desk...
3 weeks ago - 23,138 views
IKEA Standing Desk
IKEA BEKANT sit/stand desks allow you to change positions between sitting and standing, which can help you feel and work better! Adjust the height of ...
6 years ago - 70,279 views
Home Office Tips: Ergonomic Chair & Standing Desk – IKEA Home Tour
Feeling sore, tired or unmotivated at work? Watch for 5 quick tips from the IKEA Home Tour Squad for a more ergonomic workspace! More from IKEA Home T...
5 years ago - 33,489 views
IKEA BEKANT Adjustable Desk Assembly Instructions
In this video I demonstrate the assembly procedure for a Bekant adjustable sit/stand desk from IKEA. This is a good alternative to the famous Galant d...
6 years ago - 82,956 views
DIY Dream Desk Setup - Clean Modern Wood Design
A clean, minimalistic and ergonomic desk is my DIY dream setup. I think I've pretty much perfected it with this latest build and I'm really pleased wi...
4 years ago - 3,981,204 views
My IKEA Desk Setup - Your Questions Answered!
Lots of questions about my IKEA desk setup is my breakdown! •Karlby Desktop: •Furniture leg stands: https://amzn...
3 years ago - 1,738,888 views
"Sitting is the new smoking!" they tell you. But are standing desks actually a better option? I read dozens of research articles and summarized the cu...
3 years ago - 1,328,495 views
BEKANT - Ergonomi
När du varierar mellan att sitta och stå håller du kroppen i rörelse och både mår och arbetar bättre.
7 years ago - 1,484,360 views
Ikea Adjustable Desk (Assembly)
I bought a new adjustable desk from Ikea, I thought I will share how I assemble it. song "Inna" by Proleter
5 years ago - 38,326 views
IKEA Skarsta stand up (hight adjustable) desk build and review
It was time for a more permanent solution than the one I had before so we had go down to ikea and check out what they had in store - SKARSTA and the a...
10 months ago - 640 views
Ikea desk assembled in 3 minutes - adjustable height electric desk
Bought on sale for $500 Canadian dollars. Bekant sit/stand adjustable desk.
2 years ago - 2,234 views
Are Standing Desks Overrated? - My 1 Year Experience
I think Standing Desks are worth it but some solutions are gimmicky , I doubt there are any real health benefits to standing, and make sure you buy a ...
4 years ago - 1,995,189 views
IKEA HACK | Adjustable Height Sit/Stand Walnut Desk
I do this for a living, help me live? ▻Please share and subscribe? Details! ...
4 years ago - 261,190 views
I Built a Completely Customized Standing Desk (and it’s epic!)
It was time to up the production on Pro Home Cooks, so I've busted out of my apartment and got myself an official kitchen studio. The only issue is, I...
2 years ago - 736,723 views
A Gigantic IKEA Rissla Mouse Pad - The Beginning of Desk Setup #2
Maybe because I'm inspired (or just bored) but I'm starting to build desk setup #2. To start off the new build I bought the IKEA Rissla Desk Pad to us...
5 years ago - 153,128 views
Ultimate IKEA Gaming Desk
Big shoutout to MSI for sponsoring this video! Buy MSI MEG X570 ACE Motherboard on Amazon: Buy MSI MEG X570 ACE Motherboard .....
1 year ago - 3,853,086 views
Ikea Bekant height adjustable desk - Yay or Nay?
In this short video, I will describe the outcome of using this desk in my home office.
3 years ago - 147 views
Home office set up with IKEA SKARSTA adjustable table
Since quitting my 9-5 job, I needed a proper place to my work at home. For a while I had to use an old computer desk which was really small. So i deci...
2 years ago - 957 views

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