Bird Box Theory: The Hidden Meaning Of The Netflix Horror Movie

Screen Rant by: Screen Rant     Published on: 27 January 2019

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There have been few movies of late that have caused quite as big a stir as Bird Box! The Netflix horror thriller totally unleashed a social media storm, from Twitter to memes to endless threads on Reddit about what it all could possibly mean! The story follows Mallory, played by Sandra Bullock as she goes from being a reluctant new mother to an intrepid survivor of a terrible world-wide epidemic, and the guardian of two helpless children. Only it’s not like any epidemic we’ve seen before, this one comes in the form of a deadly monster that causes those who look at it to become instantly suicidal. There are a ton of ideas out there about what the deeper meaning of Bird Box actually is, but two more than any other. First, is the theory that the movie is actually a statement about mental health. How we ignore it and those who suffer from it until it’s too late, and how often we downplay it’s impact because we can’t physically see it. This theory has caused quite a bit of controversy, on both the negative and positive sides! The other popular theory is that the whole thing is a metaphor about parenting: the fear of becoming a parent, and a desire to protect your children from the world. So much so, that it might actually end up harming them, even if the intention is good. There are way more theories out there, and we’re sure that there will be more to come as fans keep flocking to the movie, and despite how scary it might be, just can’t seem to look away.

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